Wang Chong's "Mountain Villa Calligraphy in Cursive Script" Collection of the Palace Museum, Beijing  

Explanation: Yesterday, I insulted the hand teacher and failed to answer the question in the villa. I am guilty of sin. I am in a slightly better body. I have not yet completely won. I cannot swim and drink on the stone lake. My elder brother left Beijing on April 28th and went to the Shaanxi Army to report his merits. Fortunately, the northern captives retreated. On May 22nd, there was an order to return him. At this time, he wanted to be in Beijing. I sent the scroll to Yaofeng in front of me, and I was lucky enough to give it to you. Every time the mountain monk comes to express his sincerity, please don't hesitate to give him his sincere thanks. The disciples are favored by the king and worshiped for a hundred times, and the master is respected as a disciple.
"Wang Luji Seal" white seal