Nanhua Sutra in small regular script is 19.1 cm long and 12.5 cm wide.

  This volume is a paper copy of the "Nanhua Sutra" in small regular script written by Wang Chong of the Ming Dynasty. Each page measures 19.1 cm in length and 12.5 cm in width. It is in the collection of Rongbao Zhai. There are postscripts by Liang Qichao and Zhang Jian at the back of the book.

  The small regular characters in this volume are small and there are many words, but the writing is meticulous and elegant, with the tip of the pen showing when drawing horizontally. It is slightly like Wen Zhengming, but more subtle. Just like what Liang Qichao said in the postscript: "I often call Yayi Mountain There is a sense of morality in people's books, which is far away from the imperial edicts. This is a rare treasure of Yuanyi's silence."