Wang Chong's "You Baoshan Collection" scroll paper, small regular script. Length 21.6cm, width 323.5cm. Collection of Shanghai Museum

  In 1520, Wang Chong visited Baoshan in Kunling and wrote several poems on the tour, which were compiled into "Baoshan Collection". In the winter of 1526, Wang Chong passed by Hongxi and stayed with a layman in Bu'an, where he asked for books. The next year (1527), he copied 22 poems written by You Baoshan eight years ago in regular script and sent them to Bu'an layman. After his friend Wen Jia saw this volume of regular script at a layman's place, he called it "a wonderful genius." Later generations generally believe that "You Baoshan Collection" is Wang Chong's representative work in regular script. Su Shi of the Song Dynasty once said: "It is difficult for large characters to be dense and seamless, and it is difficult for small characters to be broad and sufficient." Wang's volume "You Baoshan Collection" has a structure that is "generous and sufficient", and his calligraphy style is broad and sparse, charming. Elegant, it is said that Wang's superior works are true to their word.