Xiyuan Poems in Cursive Script

Attached is the original book description:

  Wang Chong's calligraphy has the tranquility of Jin people. He first studied Yu Shinan's calligraphy and found it sparse and elegant. If you learn from Wang Xianzhi again, you can use clumsiness to make clever tricks and come up with new ideas on your own. Looking at the cursive and small regular script, they are sparse, bright and ethereal, which are different from those of the time. Wang Chong's calligraphy was highly praised at that time and in later generations. "Three Wu Regular Script Postscripts" calls it the official calligraphy: "I first studied Yu Shinan and Zhi Yong, and wrote calligraphy to Wang Xianzhi. In the later period, I slightly came up with my own ideas and used clumsiness to make clever combinations to become elegant. Graceful, elegant, lively and moving, it is the trend of the times. , several times won the price of Jingzhao (Zhu Yunming)." "History of the Ming Dynasty" said: "The regular script is the Jin method, and the calligraphy is omniscient." Ming He Liangjun's "Siyou Zhaicong Shuo" says: "After Hengshan (Wen Zhengming), Wang Yayi should be ranked first in calligraphy. His books were written in the Great Order, and his character was noble, so his charm was extraordinary and outstanding among others." The beauty of the extension and the elegance of the pavilion represent the extraordinary rise of Zhu (Yunming) and the harmony and elegance of Wen (Zhengming). It is difficult to compare with the flying geese." This unique style of his was also influenced by Cai Yu, but he was more sophisticated than his teacher. It is quiet and more like Jin people, so the style is more ancient. Wang Gui (Child) said: "Mr.'s writings are like spring clouds coming out of Xiu, and the sky is changing. Looking at the world, a fat pen mixed with ink, a real pig herder slave's staff and basket draw sand ears." Of course, among the many praises, there are also a few from time to time. Critics. Mo Shilong said: "There are many dangers in the Jin Dynasty, and there is no right military body." "Although he is naive, he is naive, but his energy is insufficient." They probably failed to understand his true intention of creating a new look on his own and unwilling to follow in the footsteps of Youjun. None of these criticisms can reduce Wang Chong's status in the history of calligraphy. Mr. Xiong Bingming, a modern person, believes: "The most eye-catching feature of Wang Chong's regular script is that the structure between the strokes falls off and the space invades the characters. Critics may say that it is lax and weak, but its strengths are also sparse and ethereal. Many strokes are just Halfway through writing, the strokes do not connect with each other. It seems that the strokes and fonts are just budding, or they will enter a blurry space." ("Theoretical System of Chinese Calligraphy") Ming Wang Keyu's "Coral Net" on his calligraphy" It’s a kind of demeanor, but Baiqiao Temple’s dying words are particularly strange.”
  This volume of "Xiyuan Poems" is based on Fa Xianzhi and Yu Shinan's writing style, but he is good at mixing it with clumsiness, making it clever but not flattering, smooth but not slippery; the brushwork is clear, vigorous and elegant, gentle and subtle, not exciting but not violent, and expresses skillful movements. It is very delicate and exquisite, and the changes are extremely subtle; the structure and arrangement are exquisite and flowing, and the law and emotion are all there. Some places also reveal the charm of Zhangcao, which is more ancient and profound; the whole breath is unruly, powerful and sparse, while being calm and convergent. On the contrary, it has an inner tension. Just as Li Weijing of the Qing Dynasty praised: "Authentic works by Jin people are rare in the world. What is passed down is an imitation of calligraphy. The styles are confused, and if it comes from the same hand, it is impossible to tell who it is. In modern times, Wang Lu Gu, a Wu man, is unique. After following the great order, Xiao San was handsome and returned to the ranks. Although I haven't seen the Jin people's writings, I know that he is a superb artist."