Zhu Xi's "Chengnan Singing Poetry Scroll", paper, hand scroll, 31.5×275.5 cm. Collection of the Palace Museum, Beijing

  Zhu Xi's "Chengnan Singing Poetry Volume" has 64 lines and a total of 462 words. The first title is "A work to the south of the city to honor my husband's brother". The last paragraph is "Xi worships again". Inscribed on the seal is "Zhu Xi's Seal". This poem volume is composed of 20 poems by Zhu Xiwei and Zhang Shichengnan. Zhang Shi, whose courtesy name was Jingfu and whose name was Xuan, was the son of Zhang Jun and a famous scholar in the Song Dynasty. Lived in Tanzhou (now Changsha). There are 20 scenic spots and 20 poems in the south of the city. In August of the third year of Zhu Xiaozong's reign (1167), Zhu Xi and Zhang Shi visited the scenic spots in the south of the city in Tanzhou (today's Changsha). During this period, there were many poems about singing and singing in the south of the city. The singing and harmony poems in the south of the city should be from this period. There are two harmony poems in total. Ten poems depict twenty scenes of the scenery south of the city. Zhu Xi was 38 years old at the time, so this poem was written later. The calligraphy in this volume is exquisite, loose and simple, with calm, flexible and natural brushwork. There is no intention to seek craftsmanship, and all the dots and strokes are in line with the calligrapher's rules. The rhyme is smooth and graceful, and the sky is pleasant. It is a representative work of Zhu Xi's calligraphy and a masterpiece handed down from generation to generation. . The Ming Dynasty Lu Jian "Zhu Xi Chengnan Singing and Poems Postscript" says: "Zi Yangfu's preaching achievements are endless, and he is also very good at Ci Han's games. Critics say that his books are full of moral principles. , Gu Er.”


Works by Brother Jingfu Chengnan
The poem tube is connected with the picture scroll, and I sit and read the poem again.
Imagine how deep the water of Nanhu Lake is in autumn.
The hills are secluded and covered with rust, and the beauty is beautiful all year round.
The flowers fall on the waves in Dongting, and the autumn wind is so vague.
Yonggui Bridge
The cool water rises to the level of the bridge, and the Zhulan spans the water bridge.
The story of dancing the urn for thousands of years is still vivid in this day and age.
Although Kaopan is on the mainland, the water and clouds are deep.
The interest in Cangzhou is unforgettable in Wei Que's heart.
The forest behind the hall is dense and the lake in front of the hall is deep.
I feel that you care about me, and I have been searching for you for thousands of miles.
The light and wind float over the blue stream, and the day is bright and clear.
No one picked it up at this age, but Hanxun only knew it.
When the Jun family compiles a book, it cannot be obtained from the ruins.
The stone room is at the end of the forest, and I come here to play in the secluded environment.
The library is upstairs and the reading room is downstairs.
I have cherished my heart for thousands of years, and I can count on it enough.
Mr. Hu and the sea are beautiful, and now they have been raised by Meng.
The inscriptions pay homage to the sages, and the paintings preserve the connection.
This bamboo is sparse under the canal, and there are stones in the other stream.
There is a cold sound in the pavilion, and the autumn sky is clear and green.
The clouds in the western mountains are deep, and they are leaning against a shuxiao.
The vastness suddenly opens up, giving you a glimpse of the scenery.
When the water first comes out of Nagisa, the embankment trees are also lined.
After reciting the Tianjin sentence, the Xunfeng felt cool on my face.
Yue Pavilion
The moonlight is white in autumn, and the lake is flat on all sides.
The scenery is reversed with Jun Lin, and the upper and lower parts are extremely empty and bright.
Zhuo Qing Pavilion
Wandering across the river to pick hibiscus, I have no intention of doing anything wrong.
If you don't meet Wuji Weng, who will know your deep feelings?
The wind sings in the east island in the morning, and the moon in the west island in the evening.
The human environment is not far away, and the lakes and mountains are secluded.
Liangcheng Valley
The light of the lake does not flow, and the inlaid sinuses also penetrate into it.
Relying on the sudden Congcheng, there is no place to find in the deep bamboo.
Immortal Zhen Ice and Snow (Episode of this line) Immortal ice and snow posture, unparalleled chastity and beauty
The post envoy Zhen Zhiwen, looking for incense and asking about smoke and water.
The boat stopped and the oars were drawn, so that I could sleep.
The dream breaks through the window, and the rain shakes the river.
Cai Ling Zhou
The lake is flat, the autumn water is green, and there are magnolia boats on the Gui River.
A night song of water chestnuts makes the gulls fly away in fright.
The multi-layered view on the high hill, when will I go there?
As far as the eye can see, the sky is all over, and the cold river is like a row of mocens.
Goodbye Xi