Explanation: You Tang Zhongshu ordered Henan Gong Chu Suiliang to write the preface to the Lanting Banquet of Jin You General Wang Xizhi. It is a legacy of the Prime Minister Wang Wenhui Gong of this dynasty. At the age of Xin Wei, I met Chao Meishu Zhai and borrowed it from Gongsun. I bought it from Gongsun Cun at the age of Xin Si. The yellow silk piece is sewn together to the word "Xin", and the monk's character is engraved with the certificate. Guo Xu Sengquan stitched it together to write it. Although Lin Wang's writings are all based on Chu's method. Its shape is like a craggy peak, graceful and graceful, like a flying fairy. Shuangshuang Guqian is like a crane in the crowd. Hui Ruozhen and the wind are beautiful, and the fog and dew make the team's work fresh. Xiao Xiao Qingyun's reflection in the sky, correcting the moving color of the Dragon Chapter. There are nine music and ten thousand dances, and the court is filled with ibises and herons. The jade jade jingles and jade rings, and it is graceful and graceful. It is appropriate for him to pay homage to Emperor Zhang and stay there to reward the immortals. As for the character Yonghe, which matches its elegant rhyme, the character Jiuzhang is prepared with its true standard, and the character Lang is no different from the title of the book, which complements the regular standard. If Fu Lin imitates, he will not be called in Xue and Wei, and his reward will not be heard in Ou and Yu. Believe in the rules of beauty for generations, and you can learn from them for a while. On the twenty-sixth day of the eighth month in Renwu, Baojin Zhai was dressed on the boat. Mi Fu of Xiangyang approved the authentic work and secret play.