"Qiu E's Epitaph", regular script, collected by Yomei Bunko, Japan

  Regular script ink. The volume is 37.2 centimeters high, with a total of 192 lines, six characters in each line, and a seal inscription leading to the 24-character inscription on the tombstone of Qiu Fujun, the official of the Yuan Dynasty who advised the official Minhai Dao of Suzheng in Fujian Province to visit the deputy envoy Qiu Fujun. Among them, the eight characters "Jianminhai Road, Suppressing Government and Integrity Visit" were originally missing, but they were supplemented by later generations.
  "Qiu E's Tombstone Inscription" was written in the sixth year of Yanyou (AD 1320) and is his masterpiece in his later years. The writing is square and powerful, the calligraphy is vigorous and vigorous, the strokes are meticulous, and the character is deep and stable. It is different from the charming and sweet style of the common Zhao Shu. Zhao Mengfu's calligraphy is best in regular script and running script. This book is one of his representative works in regular script. His regular script is smooth and casual, but also unruly and strict. Its structure is sparse, handsome, elegant and free, and almost flawless.