"Letter of Return", running script, collected by Shanghai Museum

  Zhao Mengfu's "Returning Words" was written in the first year of Dade (AD 1297). Running script, long paper scroll, 46.7 cm in length and 453.5 cm in width. There are 48 lines in total, about 10 words per line. On the front of the volume is a portrait of Tao Qian painted by his younger brother, with an inscription, and stamps such as "Excellent inscriptions in the ancient mirror pavilion", "Jing Xie has a long and long term", "Yun Huang Guan Appreciation of Books" and "Qin Wenqian". This post is a mid-term work. It is mainly written in running script, with occasional cursive calligraphy. The pen is round and smooth, graceful and graceful, and full of spirit.