Small letters. Zhao Mengfu claimed that "The Biography of Ji An" was based on the style of writing of the Tang Dynasty. Feng Yuanshen of the Qing Dynasty commented: "This book is Jun Jun. Although it is based on the European style, its brushwork is quick and elegant, and it still draws inspiration from "Praise to Painting" and "Le Yi" All the books can be obtained." Ni Zan also said: "Zi'ang's regular script is beautiful in structure and his writing is vigorous. He is worthy of the people of the Sui and Tang Dynasties." (Quoted from "Shu Lin Zao Jian"), his writing skills are no less than those of Zhiyong and Yu Shinan. , can be called the crown of the world. (Pictures provided by Sanjin)

"The Story of Ji An" is considered to be Zhao Mengfu's famous work in regular script. However, scholars generally believe that this is Yu He's imitation of Zhao's work. Yu He also wrote many small regular scripts written by Jin people, such as "Le Yi Lun" and so on. Its solid craftsmanship and profound skills are difficult for other followers of Zhao to achieve. However, Yu He failed to learn Zhao's emptiness and elegance. Using this to distinguish Yu He's forged Zhao books, it can be said to be insightful. "The Biography of Ji An", like his own "Le Yi Lun" and "Preface to Lin Ding Wu Lanting", are written in small regular script. They only see Fang Jun's strong and sharp style, but not Zhao's subtle elegance and charm.