Zhao Mengfu's "Red Cliff Ode Before and After" is a paper volume with a total of 11 pages and 21 pages. Each page is 27.2 cm long and 11.1 cm wide. The post has a total of 81 lines and 935 words. Collection of the National Palace Museum, Taipei. The last signature is "On the eighth day of the first month of Xinchou, the great virtue, my brother Ming Yuan used this paper to write two poems. He wrote them in Songxuezhai and made a portrait of Dongpo at the beginning of the volume. Zi'ang." Xinchou was the great virtue in the fifth year (AD 1301) Year) Zhao Mengfu was 48 years old. Here we only select the "Former Chibi Fu" part. The lines of this post are white and sparse, the writing style is round and powerful, the style is graceful, the style is connotative, and the spirit is elegant, capturing the romantic charm of the Wei and Jin Dynasties.

○Pre-Chibi Fu○

The autumn of Renxu,
Looking forward to July,
Su Zi and his guests went boating under Red Cliff.
The breeze comes slowly,
The water is sluggish.
Lifting the wine belongs to the guest,
Recite the poem of the bright moon,
The chapter of graceful song.
Shao Yan,
The moon rises above the east mountain,
Wandering among the bullfights.
White dew flows across the river,
The water shines into the sky.
Even if it is like a reed,
Ling Wanqing was at a loss.
As vast as Feng Xu Yufeng,
And don’t know where it ends;
Floating as if alone in the world,
Emerge and ascend to immortality.
So he drank and enjoyed himself very much,
Hold the side and sing.
The song says:
"The osmanthus and the orchid paddle,
Hit the sky and let the light flow back.
It's so small in my arms,
Look at the beauty in the sky. "
There is a guest who blows the whistle.
Rely on the song and harmonize with it,
His voice was whining:
Like resentment and admiration,
Weeping and complaining;
The lingering sound lingers,
hanging by a thread;
Dancing the hidden dragon in the secluded valley,
The concubine who weeps in a lonely boat.
Su Zi was stunned,
Sit upright,
And asked the guest:
"Why is that so?"
The guest said:
"The moon and stars are sparse,
The black magpie flies south,
Isn’t this a poem by Cao Mengde?
Looking west to Xiakou,
Looking east to Wuchang.
Mountains and rivers are in harmony with each other,
Depressed and green;
Isn't this what Meng De was trapped in by Zhou Lang?
Fang Qi defeated Jingzhou,
Go down to Jiangling,
Follow the river to the east,
The boat travels thousands of miles,
The flag covers the sky,
Drinking wine by the river,
Compose poems horizontally;
He is a hero for a lifetime,
How are you now?
Kuang Wu and my son,
Fishing and woodworking on the rivers and rivers,
Companions to fish and shrimps and friends to elk,
Driving a small boat with a leaf,
Lifting the gourd to join each other;
Send mayflies to heaven and earth,
A drop in the ocean.
Sorry for the brief moment of my life,
Envy the infinity of the Yangtze River;
Carrying flying immortals to travel around,
Hold the bright moon and live forever;
I don't know how sudden it is,
The legacy echoes in the sad wind. "

Su Zi said:
"Does a guest also know that my husband has water and the moon?
The dead are like this,
But we haven’t tasted the past yet;
Those who are full and deficient are like that,
And soldiers should not wax and wane.
Gai will observe its changes,
But heaven and earth could not last for a moment;
Looking at it from the perspective of what remains unchanged,
Then all things are endless to me.
And why would you envy it?
Between heaven and earth,
Everything has its own owner.
It's not my property, even if I don't take any of it.
But the cool breeze on the river,
and the bright moon in the mountains,
The ear hears it and hears it,
When the eye encounters it, it becomes beautiful.
Take it without restraint,
It is the infinite treasure of the Creator,
And my son and I are in the same boat. "
The guests are happy and smile,
Wash the cup and drink more wine,
The food core is gone,
The cups and plates were in a mess.
We are sleeping together in the boat,
I don’t know that the East is white.

○Post Chibi Fu○

It’s the hope of ten months of the year,
Walking from the snow hall,
Will return to Lingao.
The two guests followed me across the yellow mud slope.
The frost and dew have fallen,
All the leaves fell off.
The figure is on the ground,
Look up at the bright moon,
Take pleasure in it,
They responded with songs.

He sighed and said:
"There are guests but no wine,
There is wine but no food,
The moon is white and the wind is clear,
Why is it such a good night? "
The guest said:
"It's dusk today,
Lift the net to catch fish,
Big mouth and thin scales,
It looks like a perch in the Songjiang River.
Is Gu Ande drunk? "
Return and seek out the wives.
The woman said:
"I have a fight for wine,
Hidden for a long time,
Just in case your son needs it from time to time. "

So he brought wine and fish,
Travel under Red Cliff again.
The river flows with sound,
Thousands of feet of broken shore;
The mountain is high and the moon is small,
The truth comes out.
The geometry of the sun and the moon was once upon a time,
But the country cannot be recognised!
I took my clothes and went up.
Walking on the rock,
covered with velvet,
Sitting on the tiger and leopard,
Climb the horned dragon,
The perilous nest of the climbing falcon,
Looking down at Feng Yi's secluded palace.
Gai Ergu can't follow him.
Suddenly roared,
The grass and trees shook,
The mountains echo and the valleys respond,
The wind rises and the water surges.
I am also quietly sad,
Awe and fear,
It's so cold that you can't stay.
Instead, he boarded the boat,
Let it go in the middle,
Let it stop and stop.

It's almost midnight,
Looking around is lonely.
It's appropriate to have a solitary crane,
Come across the river to the east.
Wings like wheels,
Xuan Shang silk clothes,
Suddenly and loudly,
Plunder the boat and head west.

The guest will leave in a moment,
I also fell asleep.
Dreaming about a Taoist priest,
The feathers are fluttering,
Passing under Lingao,
Yiyu said:
"Amusement in Chibi?"
Ask his name,
He bowed without answering.
I know it.
In the past night,
Those who fly past me,
Feizi? "
Taoist priest Gu Xiao,
I was also shocked.
Open an account and look at it,
Nowhere to be seen.