"Ji Zu Tie" by Wu Ju, collected by Takashima, Japan

  According to Wu Ju's other "Shoufu Post", the recipient is "Shoufu's virtuous brother in the temple book", so he should be this person. Wang Wenzhi wrote in a postscript: "Dong Si and Weng Yun said that Wu Ju was the only one who studied rice calligraphy. Huang Hua and Chu Liao are just like a branch and a half, even if they are tigers, they are not the same."

  Explanation: I returned home in a hurry and collected my books. Xinjian Suiyan was cold, and I was in good health. The instructions and instructions have been received, and I have received the introduction. I have many feelings! I have dedicated a person to live a long life, and I have already prepared it for you, so I will omit it here. Ju Shangfu. Shoufuguan envoy Taiwei Xiandi. Felt included.