"Mingshan Zongbu Tie" (also known as "Jian Liang Tie") is on paper and in cursive script. 23.9 x 38.8cm Collection of the National Palace Museum, Taipei

Say a pause and start. Ming Shanzong recorded the history of Yi's personal service. Nearly two tops. One attached is huge. Send it to Huating. It is unknown whether it has been submitted. Bi and humiliating instructions. The inheritance has been fulfilled. Feeling relieved and relieved. Letter reply. Fu Weizun's performance brings blessings. The duties of the monastery are clear and simple. Please have more free time. I'm afraid there will be strange things happening day and night. It is said that Lu Lu is not enough. It has been half a year since I took office. More like this. Tongli is full. There is the worry of filling the gap. Zhengyuan Jibao chain is in full bloom. Not announced. Let's talk about the history of Qiming Shanzong and Yi's personal attendants. August is dark.