Wu Shuo's "Stars Gathering in the Door" (partial) on paper, 25 cm in length and 45.4 cm in width. Collection of the Palace Museum, Beijing.

Stars gather in the door, young and old, young and old, Ye Duoqing, Tongchuan, don't you have nothing to entrust? One or two, sparsely show the old soldiers, occasionally two or three generations are sent out to get relatives, the old are not returned, day and night. Suddenly, I see the old man has a jade ruler (with inscriptions on it) ) I want a thing to help me to be pure and humiliated. I miss me so much. Jin tried to ask for something in return. I was admiring it in Kuocang and wrote a poem. I want to give it up. His death is Zhang Yunlei. The noble son Luo Xian would rather ask for a good price and buy it day and night. I'm looking for it and sending it to the ashram of the Repaying Favors Office. It's a little rough and it's not a serious promise. I say goodbye.

  "Menneixingjutie" cursive script, paper. The length is 25.2 cm and the width is 45.4 cm. 14 lines, 140 words, letter. The letter talks about asking for the Five Realms Ruler and other things. On the side of the frame is a section of Weng Fanggang's postscript. This painting has two seals from the collection of Jiang Deliang, Prince Cheng Yongxuan and other families, six half seals, and one seal on the postscript.
  This post is written spontaneously and without restraint. The brushwork is strong and thin, with softness in the hardness. The brushwork has the elegance of Orchid Pavilion. It is very technical. The layout is like Yang Ning's "Leek Flower Post" of the Five Dynasties. It shows that Wu Shuo's skill is not shallow. , deliberately seeking novelty. Qing Anqi's "Mo Yuan Hui Guan" says: "There are 14 lines of cursive script, with a clear and vigorous brush and a hairspring technique."