The Story of Lang Guan's Stone Pillar

  Also known as "The Wall Notes of Langguanting", it was written by Chen Jiuyan of the Tang Dynasty and written by Zhang Xu. It was established in the 29th year of Kaiyuan of Tang Dynasty (741 AD) and was located in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province.
   "The Story of Langguan Stone Pillars" is the most reliable authentic work of Zhang Xu handed down from generation to generation. The original stone has been lost for a long time, and only the "Original Copy of Song Dynasty Extensions" collected by Wang Shizhen has been handed down to the world. It is extremely precious and has always been highly praised. Su Shi said, "The calligraphy is as simple and far-reaching as that of people from the Jin and Song dynasties." Huang Gugugeng said, "No one in the Tang Dynasty can do anything better than the correct calligraphy." "Ancient and Modern Dharma Script Garden" said: "Zhang Dian's cursive calligraphy has been seen in the world, and his vertical It is strange that this preface has never been seen in modern times, but this preface is written in regular script. It is very energetic and comes from nature. Calligraphy is an art, and it can only be done by the most advanced people. Its regular script is rare in the world, so this preface is particularly valuable." Zhao Han of the Ming Dynasty "Graphite Engraved Hua" said that this note "has a writing style that surpasses that of Ouyang Zedeng and Yongxing, Henan. Although the bones are weak, the rules are strict." There is a praise: "The cursive script of the long history is slumped, and there are a few dots to express the meaning." "The style is self-sufficient, and it is known as Shenyi." "The long history book "Langguan Shizhu Ji" has simple and far-reaching calligraphy, just like someone from the Jin and Song Dynasties." This stone has been engraved in the Song Dynasty. Dong Qichang of the Ming Dynasty once engraved it in "Xihongtang Tie".