Suddenly I have a terrible stomachache. I don’t know if it’s caused by cold or heat. I want to take rhubarb soup. Both cold and heat are beneficial. What should I do? It’s not cold.

There is no inscription, and it is said to be written by Zhang Xu of Tang Dynasty. 6 lines of cursive script, 30 words in total.

Ming Wang Shizhen's postscript says: "Zhang Changshi's "Tie of Belly Pain" and "Thousand-Character Essay" are full of ghosts and trances, which are unpredictable." This "Tie of Belly Pain" has only 30 words, written eloquently and coherently. . It can be seen from the engraved calligraphy that when writing this calligraphy, the number was written one stroke at a time until the ink was exhausted, and then another stroke was written. This can maintain the continuity between characters, and can also control the changes in the thickness and weight of the pen, so that the whole work can generate charm, creating the momentum of "the divine Qiu emerges from the sky and the Han Dynasty, and the summer clouds emerge from the Song Dynasty".