Yu Shinan's small regular script is collected by Mitsui Takaken in Japan. The full text is included in the "Yu Secret Supervisor Collection" and calligraphy treatises of the past dynasties. The handed down edition has the inscription "Compiled and written by Yu Shinan, a member of Prince Zhongshushe" and "Yu Shinan, a member of Wujun, Prince Zhongshushe". There are two types of writing and writing. However, some people suspect that this post is a forgery. For example, Yao Ding, a scholar from the Qing Dynasty, believed that Yu Shinan's father's name was Li, and there was a sentence in the article: "Bait pines, tea stems, and streams in Zhangzhou, and they are covered with grass and Li in the mountains." The word "Li" was not included in the sentence. The pen is taboo. However, the clearness and elegance of small regular script are discussed in "The Continuation of Yanzhou Mountain Man" by Wang Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty, "Shi Nan's calligraphy is rare, and the regular script is especially difficult to obtain. The only one that is not available is the "Preface to Breaking Evil", which is slightly larger. It's just the "Stele in the Temple of Confucius", but "Broken Evil" is extremely powerful and ingenious, so if you don't join the second royal family, it's like you can't forget your feelings in the world." This post has been repeated and reprinted by many people, such as "Jade Smoke" "Tang Tie", "Tingyun Tie", "Qingjiantang" and other Dharma Tie, especially "Yuezhou Shi's Edition" is the best.