Yu Shinan's "Epitaph of Princess Runan" (biography) on paper, running script, collected by Shanghai Museum

   The epitaph of Princess Runan has no inscription. It is said to be written by Yu Shinan, and some people think it is an old copy. Written in November of the tenth year of Zhenguan (636), in cursive script and ink. 18 lines, ranging from 12 to 15 words per line.

   Princess Runan was the daughter of Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty and died young. The calligraphy of this epitaph is gentle and round, and the writing style is similar to that of Mi Fu in the Song Dynasty, so it is called Mi Lin. Wang Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty commented on this book: "It is elegant and gentle, its posture is romantic, and there are unexpected ideas in the writing." Li Dongyang of the Ming Dynasty also said about this post: "The writing style is round and lively, and the technique of technique exists alone." The so-called technique of technique is Yu Shinan's study of "Two Kings" "A unique brushwork learned through calligraphy. It is said that when Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty came to Lin Youjun's calligraphy, when he wrote the word "Jian", he replaced it with "ge" and ordered Shinan to make up for it, and then showed it to Wei Zheng. Wei Zheng said that the sage's book is only true to its "Ge Fa". It can be seen that Yu Shinan's calligraphy attainments are profound.