"Yan Zhenqing's Three Biao Tie" was written in April of the second year of Zhide (AD 757). Among them, "Rang Xianbu Shangshu Table" is a memorial written by Yan Zhenqing to express his resignation when Emperor Suzong of the Tang Dynasty appointed Yan Zhenqing as the Shangshu of the Xianbu (i.e. the Ministry of Punishment). The time is one year earlier than the "Manuscript of Memorials to My Nephew" (758) and 17 months after the outbreak of the Anshi Rebellion. In this statement, Yan Zhenqing expressed humility to himself for being promoted because he stuck to the plains, thinking that this was the duty of a minister. However, he had the mentality of being guilty of abandoning the county and asked the court to "relegate the minister to an official position to show the constitution of heaven and let the world know that if there is a law that must be implemented, there will be an order that must be rewarded." The full text has a total of 615 words. Because there are many kinds of carved stones in existence and they are scattered in different places, they have not been paid much attention by the calligraphy history circle. One of the reasons is that the versions are mostly the same, and they are passed down through expansion and corruption, which quite loses the style of Yan calligraphy and fails to show the charm of Yan calligraphy. Regardless of the brushwork and engraving, it is completely different from the "Manuscript of Fighting for Seats". The fragmentary volume of "Rang Xianbu Shangshu Table" launched by the "Calligraphy Zongheng" website in 2005 excellently expresses the artistic characteristics of Yan Zhenqing's calligraphy in many aspects. Coupled with the exquisite stone carving art, it highly faithfully reproduces the information covered in Yan Zhenqing's calligraphy notebook. It should be listed as a rare representative work of Yan Zhenqing's running script. Although it is a fragment, it is a rare and important supplement to the research literature on Yan Zhenqing's calligraphy art.

Rang Xianbu Shangshu Table (explanation)

The true minister said: I heard that no merit is rewarded, and I do not persuade others to do good; I do not punish those who are guilty, and I do not recognize those who do evil. During the period of His Majesty's recovery, the banditry is over. As for the two handles of rewards and punishments, things must be done, but if you don't know, how to choose them? I am stupid and cowardly, so I keep the plain. The traitor An Lushan betrayed Sheng En and invaded Heluo. The minister's cousin Gao Qing opened the earth gate as the prefect of Changshan, and the minister and the counties in Hebei therefore stood firm. I am a minister, what is my role? The Emperor appointed him as Minister of Household Affairs and also known as the Minister of Recruitment and Interview, etc., but he has been disappointed. The fate thief was not eliminated, so he did not dare to leave. He also ordered Li Guangbi, Guo Ziyi, Helan Jinming and others to meet with his ministers to fight against the evil. In the past three months, Hebei's direction has been set. Tongguan was lost, and the army patrolled the west. However, Guangbi and others entered Tumen, and the counties were in danger. Your Majesty is very powerful, but he also records his ministers as having no merit, and he favors them inappropriately. He is often a prime minister, and he gathers together for a while. My elder brother Yunnan, my younger brother Yunzang, and others were in Rongtai Province. One son and three nephews were all awarded good officials. I am a member of the same family. I am so lucky to have my body and head broken, and there is no way to report it. I often sent the magistrate Jia Zai of Nanhe County of Julu County, my nephew Dianjun Guangcheng of the Yongwang Mansion, and more than ten people including the executive officers Deng Changzhen, Yang Shengong, Pei Facheng, etc., to cross the sea one after another with colorful objects and silk, and plan with Liu Zhengchen Meeting, the republic and Tibet. Zhengchen waited for Keqi to come south, and it has been a long time since his trip. The rebels Shi Siming, Yin Ziqi and others took advantage of the enemy's arrival and attacked with all their strength. The counties had no help and fell one after another. It was all due to the cowardice and lack of strategy of the ministers that they were in such trouble. They sincerely sacrificed their lives in danger and defended the isolated city. Thinking that if you blame Que Ting, you will be more likely to be captured by thieves, so you can avoid crossing the river secretly. By chance, Liu Zhengchen sent General Yang Shengong to deliver the ultimatum to his ministers, ask for troops, horses, and brocade tents, and ordered him to receive Xi Khitan and others. If you don't get involved with him, I'm afraid your majesty will be troubled. He also gave the imperial edict to Xianchao, the magistrate of Wu County, Zheng Yu, the governor of Le'an County, and ordered him to travel to the south of the Yangtze River and Huainan to conduct monks' affairs. He took money and recruited soldiers and horses with his ministers, and ordered him to take over to Hebei. The minister went to Guangling, Danyang and other counties without getting the news, and interviewed the envoys and planners, but he could not find any troops. That is to say, in order to fulfill the imperial edict, Xu Chen came to play. When he arrived at Wudang County, he was ordered by En to remove his ministers from the Xianbu Shangshu, and also ordered envoys to report to him and his ministers. Holding Dai is very private and does not allow fear. Even though your Majesty has made a generous loan, he can't bear the punishment. He has taken great risks in front of his ministers and behaved in a disgraceful manner. I am a minister, and I am close to the country. If it hurts the ministers and benefits the country, the ministers will benefit from it; if it damages the country and benefits the ministers, the ministers will suffer the losses. If he loses his position and returns to the court, he will move again and again, which will show that the country has no punishment and will cause great harm to the ministers. Don't dare to show off, but be sincere in reality. Although the minister's reputation is small, his appointment is quite important. The system of government must be based on law enforcement. Benefit should be caught first, and punishment should be followed from above. Now if one person is sinned, ten thousand people will be afraid. If you are pampered, where can you look around the world? It is my wish that Your Majesty demote me to an official position again, in order to demonstrate the constitution of heaven, so that the world will know that there is a law that must be implemented, and then know that there is an order that must be rewarded, and the favor and honor are far beyond the scope of the minister. There is no need for sincerity.