A Tang Dynasty ink copy collected by the Palace Museum in Beijing

Biography. The ink version is written by Yan Zhenqing. The original copy has been lost for a long time. The one handed down is the Tang Dynasty version. Silk, originally a screen, cut into album pages, 28.2 × 13.7 cm, 15 pages, 6 lines, 298 words. Collection of the Palace Museum, Beijing.

Also known as "Zhushan Pan's Hall Couplet". This post was first recorded in "Xuanhe Shupu". Composed a poetic couplet for Mr. Yan and his friends in Zhushan Hall. The calligraphy is strict and vigorous. Although it lacks the majestic power of Yan's calligraphy, the regular regular script still exists. There are "Shaoxing", "Jixi Jingzhi", "History of Books", "Yufu Seal", "Rongzhai Qingwan", "Jinfu Books", "Yu Zhang Family", "Wang Shimao Seal", "Cang" Yan", "Anyi Zhou Family Collection", "Tiebao Private Seal", "Ye Gongchuo" and other appraisal seals. There is a label in front of the post: "Yan Lugong's Zhushan Poetry Post". After the post, there are inscriptions and postscripts by Mi Youren of Song Dynasty, Yao Nai of Qing Dynasty and Tie Bao. It was once collected by Shaoxing Neifu, Emperor Gaozong of the Southern Song Dynasty, Prince's Palace of Ming and Jin Dynasties, Qingbiao and Anqi of Liang Dynasty of Qing Dynasty. The Ming Dynasty Wang Shizhen's "Zhou Xumu", Qing Anqi's "Mo Yuan Hui Guan" and others were recorded.