Mi Fu's "Lexiong Tie", paper, cursive script, 29 cm in length and 66 cm in width

Fu suddenly started. That's the reason
Ming Ji Yi, covered by the law, and
The Supervisor discusses matters at
imperial court. Fang Shi
On the Qingming Festival, Dali Supervisor, Fu Gu. At
Please give me some relief from my illness. I still want to be enlightened.
Excellent grace, given by sitting on the corpse, Shao Sui
The heart of the world. Fang Tu was re-elected, and
Recent changes have occurred, and thoughts cannot be repeated for a long time. servant
Walking through the yellow dust, unable to lie high,
This is hate. Mongolian
The old things are not forgotten, and I feel guilty that the book was wasted. supervise
□□ Mi Fudu bowed his head at Zhongyue Temple.
Your Excellency, brother Le, fellow official.