Mi Fu's "Drama Poems" (Ninth of the Nine Calligraphy Papers), cursive script, length 23.9 cm, width 34.6 cm
Collection of the National Palace Museum, Taipei.

Explanation: After the play was completed, he sat on the admonition platform, Fu.
I think of the Yellow Pavilion in Yuelu, the flying spring
Falling in the middle of the sky. The stone whale spits out water (click to remove it) -
Inside, the red eyes are filled with mist and thin clouds. I have
Sit on a stone and soak your feet to sleep, then wash your neck with water
Back and shoulders. I'm so sick that I'm about to die.
—The muscles burn at night with moxa burning. Guan Piao. now
I am sick and thirsty, sitting by the stove, but I am still thirty years old
Year. Woohoo! Ande retreated for thirty years and went back to sitting on a stone and soaking in his feet to sleep.