Mi Fu's "Shiyi Tie" (also known as "Yugate Tie"), the fourth of nine Han Shou Tie, paper, cursive script, length 23.5 cm, width 35.9 cm
Collection of the National Palace Museum, Taipei.

[Explanation] One hundred and fifty thousand, and competed with Zongzheng for Su's "Wang Lue Tie" (sidenote: Youjun) and won it. The postscripts of the imperial palaces of Liang and Tang Dynasties are complete. Huang Mi Pavilion knows it, so you can ask. Life is precious and pleasant. My friend is looking at a jade grid and has not bought it for fifteen years. Once it illuminates the universe and towers forward, I will throw away a hundred scraps of old paper and know its authenticity, and everyone can do what they want. Fortunately, it is! If Mijun is exposed first, my son will be stingy and will not give out ten thousand gold. Fu paused.