King Mi Fu's Luote Zan ("Po Qiang Tie Postscript"), regular script, length 22.9 cm, width 48.2 cm, collected by the Palace Museum in Beijing.

Right General Jin Ziguanglu and Doctor Wang Xizhi wrote eighty-one words of praise. Zhao Hui shines brightly in the sky, crossing the Jie River to experience the great wasteland. The smoke and flowers are moving and wandering, and a puff of smoke is called a heavenly seal for eternity. The luan praises the Qiu and raises the swan in order, and the cave sky is connected to the lonely sun. Twelve small kalpas last for a long time, and the seal is finished and the god Ha Mingfu is hidden.
Guiweisui Tai Chang Yutang's hand-made clothing.
Zuo Si Langzhong Huang Gao.
In the Sui Dynasty, the pearls, jade and jade rotted away, and the light shone across the sky and the earth. Sorry, I was so excited when I saw him, but it's so good for Gu Zhen Yuan Zhang. If you don't buy twelve gold hairpins, you can exchange them with each other and return to Huayang. God's Six Ding has great arrogance. It is better to hide the thunder and lightning deeply.
Liu Jing, a doctor on the staff. In the human generation, the sky shines with dim light, and the hands grow green and beautiful. Ten thousand snakes and earthworms express their gratitude, but they are like dragons and are covered with five-color seals. The big bead is on the jade line, and the seal and postscript are mixed with each other. The public respects and recognizes the gods and principles, and will not hide them if they are not looked at with a straight eye.
Cheng Yilang Xue Shaopeng. Baojin has no time to come to the night light, and the Canglang waves to talk about the famine. The treasure is priceless, who is too low-minded, and the Kaiyuan seal is attached to the tail. There is no Chu Yingxing in regular script, and the years of Yonghe are now vast. It was passed down to Taiping and has been with us for a long time. It is treasured with gold inscriptions and jade.
Liu Jing. One hundred and fifty thousand gold and one color of light, a lifetime of curiosity and curiosity. The god suddenly looked high-spirited, wearing a crown and a precious seal. At dawn, the court is moving with flying phoenixes, but the smiles are not as busy as those who see them. The north window rolls to relax and the day is long, so why bother hiding it while others wash it away?
Shaopeng. When the great Sima of the Jin Dynasty arrived in Luoyang, he already had a powerful strategy to defeat the Qiang. The sound of the river spreads to the left, and the national light spreads, and the army on the right fights for glory. The wonderful intention drives away the handsomeness, and the dragon suddenly rises and flies. Renzu Wuyi was a man in black clothes, and he left behind a fragrant legacy at the end of his famous chapter. Kaiyuan is scattered in Wang Yazang, and the dense lines are flying. Appreciation of material slips was very popular in the Tang Dynasty, and professors regarded this as a genuine seal.