Mi Fu's "Incense Burning Tie", cursive script, 25.2 cm vertical and 25.2 cm wide, collected by the Osaka Municipal Museum of Art, Japan

[Explanation] The rain has not stopped for three days, and Haidai cannot be reached with only a foot, just burning incense. The days are short and I cannot sleep during the day, and there are few people coming and going. I am so confused! What's better than taking one step?

 Mi Fu's "Burning Incense Tie", also known as "Haidai Tie", is the ninth of the nine cursive scripts. It was written by Mi Fu when he knew the Lianshui Army. The two characters "burning incense" are in the post, so it was named after it. "Haidai" refers to Haidai Tower, located in Lianshui.