Mi Fu's "Child Slip to Brother Bo Xiu", Part 2 of Nine Calligraphy Papers, Cursive Script, 25.4 cm in height and 43.2 cm in width
Collection of the National Palace Museum, Taipei.

(Supplement to the previous book: Cheng Guoguo also tried his best to say, neither willingly nor willingly)
Fu Dun started: Painting cannot be known (side note: I have not known for a long time), book
Then in the tenth month Ding Jun passed Si and talked to Zhao.
Bo Chong, Yun Yao and others, this is the thing.
The paper is purple, red and yellow, and the real words are written on it.
The cursive characters are written in ink as a model for people.
Show-through damage. There are two words at the end:
"Come to play" is also the word for talent. Report to stay. miss it
Directly contact this bureau to provide the necessary information
manage. Maybe white
My old friend, my family member, needs two friends to see him off.
So far, very lucky! Again. Fu Dun raised his head,
Brother Bossu, Director.

Don't remember. Save the end of paper. Come to play, *caizi.