Wang Mingden's "Recording Song People's Language" paper, running script, length 117.3cm, width 44.5cm, collected by the Palace Museum, Beijing

  Tang Zixi said: The mountains are as quiet as ancient times, and the days are as long as a small year. Deep in the mountains of Yujia, at the turn of spring and summer, the steps are covered with moss, the path is full of fallen flowers, the door is unpeeled, the shadows of pine trees are scattered, and the sound of birds can be heard rising and falling. After taking a nap, you can sip the mountain spring, pick up pine branches, sip bitter tea, and sip it at will. Read Zhouyi, Guofeng, Zuo Shizhuan, Li Sao, Taishi Gongshu, as well as Tao and Du poems, and several articles by Han and Su. Walking leisurely along the mountain path, you can see the bamboo forest and the turtle calves nesting together in the long forest and lush grass. Sit in the flowing spring, rinse your teeth and wash your feet. After returning under the bamboo window, the mountain wife and child made bamboo shoots and ferns, served wheat and rice, and happily satiated. In the pen window, make a few crosses according to the size, display the hidden dharma stickers, ink marks, and picture scrolls, and take a look at them. When you feel happy, recite a short poem or one or two paragraphs of Cao Yulu, and then cook a cup of bitter tea. I met a friend from the garden, Weng Xi, by the stream. I asked him about mulberry and hemp, and about rice. When I return, I lean against the wood gate with my stick, and the sun sets over the mountain. The purple and green colors change instantly, making me dazzled. The sound of flutes on the backs of cows comes and goes in twos, and the moon prints on the stream in front of me. If people can truly understand the beauty of this sentence, then Dongpo said, if you sit quietly with nothing to do, one day is like two days, and if you live seventy years, you will be one hundred and forty. The gain is too much. Three days after the first day of the third month of Dinghai in Wanli Dynasty, Zunsheng Zhai wrote a book under a candle. Wang Ming ascended.
  This painting is inscribed with the seals "Wang Zhideng Seal", "Wang Baigu" and "Wang Baigu clan". The collection has the seals "Authentic work approved by the owner of Xiaoxuelangzhai after the 68th generation" and "Seal approved by Yan Bo Yunbo". The year "Wanli Dinghai" is the fifteenth year of Wanli in the Ming Dynasty (1587), when Wang Ming was 53 years old. This article is excerpted from a passage in the Great Classic of Song and Luo Dynasties, "Helin Jade Dew".
  The calligraphy in "Recording Song Dynasty People's Language" is vigorous and elegant, graceful and graceful. The frame, structure and brushwork are all based on Wen Zhengming's calligraphy. The lines are gentle and sharp, the brushwork is smooth and tortuous, the body is long and continuous, and the sect is clear but has certain changes.