Wang Duo's "Mountain Garden Dharma Tie" (selected pages)

"Xianshanyuan Tie", a total of ten volumes, is a collection of personal posts in the Qing Dynasty. Wang Duo's son Wujiu compiled the collection from the eighth to sixteenth year of Shunzhi in the Qing Dynasty (1651-1659 AD), copied by Lü Chang of ancient Yan Dynasty, and engraved by Zhang Ao. The name of the post is written in running script. This post is entirely engraved with books written by Wang Duo's family, with a total of 103 types, most of which are ancient books. Wang Wujiu left a large number of Wang Duo's writings, so the selection was exquisite. The engraver was also a famous hand at that time, but other engravings of royal books are not as good as this one. There are inscriptions and postscripts by Zhang Jinyan, Gong Dingnie and Wu Jiu behind the inscriptions. Zhang Jinyan's postscript said: "Wen'an Gong's calligraphy is wonderful in the world. The books collected by Mao Tai Shikuo and the Moyuan family have been collected in this edition. If there are any gaps or ambiguities, we must ask for other editions to fill in the correct characters. Be prepared for dragons to leap, tigers to lie, wolves to grab elephants, etc." Sincerely, Wen'an has spent all his energy in this for forty years. In modern times, Mr. Xuan Zai and Mr. Ziyuan played at Hong, and Lai Qin and others were on the altar? In China, Mrs. Wei Wei sighed when she saw You Jun's letter: "This son will hide my name." It is a pity that the two gentlemen will not see each other in person." Therefore, both the selection and imitation of this calligraphy are extremely exquisite, far superior to those of Langhua's and Yinwan's 20 Poems and Wines.