"Mi Fu's Nine Foot Slips" is housed in the National Palace Museum in Taipei. There is a volume containing precious ink writings of nine pieces of ruler slips by Mi Fu, the great calligrapher of the Song Dynasty. According to expert research, these nine pieces of ruler-slip writing were written by calligraphers after the age of fifty from the first year of Chongning to the fifth year of Chongning, Emperor Huizong of the Song Dynasty. Some experts commented that these nine pieces of calligraphy, in terms of calligraphy style, are long and short, fat and thin, vertical and horizontal, showing the calligrapher's later mature, self-sufficient, plain and natural style.

Face-to-face edict: 25.5 cm high and 43.6 cm wide

Zhibo Xiutie: 25.4 cm high and 43.2 cm wide

Jin paper post: 23.7 cm high, 39.1 cm wide

Su Shi Wang Lue Tie, height 23.5 cm, width 35.9 cm

He Zhutie: 23.5 cm high and 36.8 cm wide

Danyang Tie: 23.5 cm high and 22.8 cm wide

Zhibo Chongtie: 25.3 cm high and 21.6 cm wide

Hui Gan Tie: 22.7 cm high and 33.2 cm wide

The play was completed as a remonstrance post. It is 23.9 cm high and 34.6 cm wide.