This song was composed by Tang Yin and written by himself. It is divided into three suites: "Jixian Bin", "Jinyi Gongzi" and "Shanshan Sheep", with a total of 24 songs. Tang Yin was erudite and versatile, reciting poems and composing music, and was good at calligraphy and painting. He has many paintings handed down from generation to generation, but very few calligraphy. His calligraphy is good at regular script. He learned from Zhao Mengfu and incorporated Li Beihai's brushwork. His strokes are gentle and smooth, and his style is handsome and unrestrained. The structure of this book is rigorous, round and round, rich and elegant, forming a unique style that is strong on the inside, beautiful on the outside, and meticulous and flowing. His elegant charm and his proficient calligraphy skills.

Tang Yin's "Self-written "Jixian Bin" and other Ci Volume", paper, running script, 23.3cm × 551.3cm. Collection of the Palace Museum, Beijing

"Ji Xian Bin"

"The Prince in Jinyi"

"Hillside Sheep"


"Ji Xian Bin". The sky in the painting pavilion of the Red Mansion is misty, and the beautiful woman rides the moon and plays the flute. A song from Liangzhou lingers, and I feel so sad about separation at this moment. Qingluan's letter is gone, and his dream is broken by ten continents and three islands. The spring scenery is old, and the tung flowers all over the ground are swept by the wind. The grass is thin in the garden, the sky is dim, the wind and rain are playing in the clear sky. Wan Hu is worried about spring and suffering from alcoholism, but he refuses to let anyone wake up. The remaining flowers make shadows, but tomorrow there will be branches full of green apricots. The gold is cold, and the sleeves are stained with red tears. The ice, muscle and jade bones are fragrant, and the lotus flowers are deep in the pavilion and pool. Who can lean on the jasper railings together, let down by the cool breeze and water. Time flies, and it's already the age of a broken melon. In the Luan mirror, I could only see Cui Hui looking haggard. In the depth of spring, drizzle falls in the small courtyard, and what's the news about the apricot blossoms? It was reported that Dong Jun was going to stay overnight, so he had to ask for a place to stay. The golden cup is full, how can we not remember the beautiful spring tree? You see, there are no owners of the cattle and sheep in Qinggao.

"The Young Master in Jinyi". The drizzle wets the roses, and the swallows return between the painted beams. Spring sorrow is like a bottomless sea, with horseshoes at the end of the world and green eyebrows in front of the lamp. The grass in front of the horse sheds tears in front of the lamp, the dream soul flies away, the clouds and mountains are thousands of miles away, and I can't tell the road from east to west. Wind and rain send spring home, the cuckoos are sad and the flowers are flying around. The courtyard is covered with moss, the red doors are closed, the lights are dim, the green curtains are dim, and the eyebrows are darkened with sadness. Xiao Xiao Guying sheds tears, cherishing her beauty, spring sorrow is like the sea, and green grass is everywhere. The autumn water is dipped in hibiscus, the wild geese are first flying, and the mountains are heavy. I dream of a beautiful woman walking on the road, the morning frost is getting thicker, and the cold clothes are thin. The sound of scissors, teeth and rulers send each other to each other, rhyming with dingdong, whose anvil and pestle are striking towards the bright moon. Cold food, apricot blossoms in the sky, birds singing in spring, and people sleeping. A curtain of flying catkins and wind blows, Fangfei is pitiful, and lovesickness is lingering. I loosened my golden necklace in a hurry, felt bored and bored, the morning clouds and dusk rain, my soul and dreams lingered around Wushan. The waning moon shines on the makeup building, it is quiet and stunned, and the swallows are sad. A garden of fragrant grass. After dusk, kings and grandsons wander around, and time flows. The pear blossoms are indifferent and skinny, dreaming long and hard, the copper pot leaking, and the head lying on the lonely pillow. The sleeves are rolled up in the cold spring, and my eyes are filled with tears when I face the flying flowers. I have no intention of playing with the flute, I am obsessed with the mirror, and I am buried in the mountain with sorrow. The weeds and grass are green, and the king and grandson travel far away. They lean against the railings and are surrounded by fish and geese. The Feng Shui journey is difficult. Butterflies bloom in the apricot garden in spring, cherishing their beauty, the people in red sleeves. The east wind is filled with sorrow and illness at ninety, Luo Yi is lazy and fuzzy, and Tan'e's brows are full. There is no news from the fish and birds in the mist. It is dusk at night, drizzle is pouring in the empty courtyard, and the shadow of the lamp shines on me alone. A lonely pillow with a broken lamp, silent and without tears. The thick frost hits the tiles and the moon is cold, the fifth watch is desolate, and the four stars are prepared. My sorrow has already been arranged, I hate talented people, and it is difficult to express my sincere feelings in Nagato Fuli. The lights are dim at night, the embroidered curtains are windy, and the shadows of the flowers are cold. If you don't remove your hairpin and sleep in the lonely house, your heart will become sour and your mouth will become dry. At this time, my sorrow is as long as the sky. I dream about Wushan, the clouds gather and the rain disperses, and the goddess blames Qingluan. The sun turns to apricot blossoms, sending spring back, and pouring wine. Pedestrians do not miss the beautiful woman who is old, the green curtain bridge is full of fat. There is no fragrant grass anywhere in the world, the road is far away, the time of return is early, and my waist is thin.

"Hillside Sheep". The remaining flowers of the new wine are meandering, and the cold food is around the Qingming Festival. Luo Yi is left out, and his waist is thin. All kinds of sorrow, when will there be an end? Just when I can be dispatched, the dispatch is still the same. Are there people at the end of the world? Climb up the stairs and look into the distance. I lower my head and shed tears. Love and sorrow entangle and intoxicate people, and the moon and lamp illuminate people's hearts. The heart is broken for the enemy, but the love between the bones can destroy the heart. The blue bridge road is blocked, the road is blocked by the spring water, and tears are shed in the deep courtyard at dusk. The lanterns and flowers linger around, burning into ashes, and the orchids fly into piles beside them. The letter is so far away that there is no guarantee of it, and sleeping and waking up are never stable. The east wind blows away the shadows of pear blossoms. Weak and timid, the body is light, the body is light on the grass and dust. I only worry about the loss of beauty in the mirror, and it is difficult to buy love with money. It hurts the mind and the spirit, has a frown on the forehead, is worthy of being angry, and is unlucky to others. The slender hands are usually linked to each other, and the marriage is bold when the promise comes, but who would have thought that someone would come to win on the top of the tower, and it is difficult to guess the opposite mountain within a short distance. The complexion of the wind and clouds may be thick or light, and the iron heart is also painful. How can the injustice get the fish on the fishing rod? Don't worry, there are no cracks in the brick steps. The warm and fragrant fragrance of the body, the smile and shy face, are incomparable to peony and peony. When we hugged each other tightly, there was a trace of anger in my heart, and my soul flew away into the blue sky. I was so willing to die that my hairpin hung down, my hair was covered with jewels, and there was still more balsam and balsam. The swallows make up the spring dawn on the building, the silkworms sleep on the foil, and the begonias report that the flowers bloom early. The night comes again, and the time passes by. Just now I can catch the lantern, and the moon is high in the swallow tower. Spring night, spring night, sighing the loneliness, skirt waist, skirt waist, the fragrance gradually disappears. The rooster crows under the window, and the sun rises at dawn, and the grass is fragrant in the sky. The smoke waves are wide and the scales are wide. The emerald green withers, how to describe the frown. The east wind earns you old eagles and flowers, and the red candles and gold hairpins are knocked slowly. Fragrance disappears, one akimbo, far away, a bridge of thousands of miles. Tomorrow there will be phoenix trees and golden wells, and wanderers will be surrounded by dust. Red Luo fights accounts, fights accounts new frost and cold. Covering the green screen, leaning forward and carrying the lamp, there are shadows on the wall in front of the lamp. How can I get to the light at this moment? I am worried about listening, and the wild geese report the watch, whispering in low voices, counting the ruthless feelings. The green plantain courtyard has a newly embroidered mandarin duck fan. The weather is warm, and I feel tired all over. Zhengbu Lian, in front of the swing easel, wanted to go up several times, but it was embarrassing to be seen. Walking into the gauze pillow and sleeping with tears, I am in my prime years, I am so pitiful, but in the meantime, I dare not say anything. After counting the Qingming Festival and Spring Festival, the flowers are in full bloom. Time valuation, valuation money. Looking at the wine bottle, first put on the green robe. The third watch is for Shang Dao, and Shang Dao returns home early. The flowers are heavy on the door, and the moon is knocking, and the torrents are flowing, and after a night of drunkenness, they are rustling, and they are already two cents.

Signature: "Jinchang Tang Yin Lu seems to have come from the Han Dynasty." Under the signature are "Xue Pu Tang Seal" and "Tang Ziwei Book". The first seal is "Wuchi". The collection seals include "Jiaqing Imperial Treasure", "Shiqu Baoji", "Baoji Sanbian", "Yi Zisun", "Jiaqing Appreciation", and "Sanxitang Jingxi".