The full name of "Huangfu's Birthday Monument" is "The Monument of Dr. Zuo Guanglu of the Sui Dynasty's Great Discussing the Ming Dynasty Huangfu Mansion", also known as "The Monument of Huangfu Jun". Tang Yu Zhining wrote the article and Ouyang Xun wrote the book. This stele is now in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, and there is no date or month written on it. There are 28 lines in regular script and 59 characters in each line. The seal script on the front of the stele reads "Sui Zhu Guohong discussed the Monument of Ming Gong Huangfu Mansion" with twelve characters. "Mo Lin Kuai Shi" states that this stele was erected in the Sui Dynasty and should have been written by Ouyang Xun in his early years. This stele was broken into two parts in the Ming Dynasty.

   It has the inscriptions of Zhang Zuyi and Zhu Yiju, and four seals including "Yizhen Jianzhi" and "Lujiang Liu Jianzhi Jianzhi Graphite". The word "wu" in "Shenzong Machinery Service" has not lost its original meaning.        

   The version compiled and printed by the People's Fine Arts Publishing House is a rare copy of Song Dynasty rubbings collected in the Tokyo National Museum, Japan. The word "wu" has been damaged in this copy. It should be a late Song rubbings after the copy in the National Palace Museum.

   The writing style of "Huangfujun Monument" is tight and restrained, yet strong and unyielding. Pointillism focuses on engraving with the brush, which is a unique brushwork feature of the thin and vigorous calligraphy style of the Wei and Sui steles in the early Tang Dynasty. Yang Shiqi said: "Xun Shu has a strong character and strict laws. Commentators say that Yu (Shi Nan) got the floating legacy of the Jin Dynasty, and Ou (Yang Xun) got the strictness of the Jin Dynasty. Looking at the "Huangfu Birthday Monument", it is full of vigor and turmoil. Isn't it extraordinary? ? Isn’t it the so-called person who does not violate the rules?” Weng Fanggang said: “This stele was changed from Li to regular script, and it was square because of the danger. It is the rate of the pen that shows the most brilliance, and the sharp edge is not hidden. This is the first and only way to learn Tang regular script. ." This monument was polished with pen. Although it was Ouyang Xun's early work, it already has the basic characteristics of "European style" of strictness and danger. Wang Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty said: "The stele of the Emperor of Huangfu Mansion is more dangerous than the other posts. It is the origin of Yijialantai (Ouyangtong)." Yang Bin said in "Da Lao Oupi": "The letter of the stele is There is nothing more strict than "Yong Zen Master", nothing more elegant than "Liquan Ming", nothing more dangerous than "Huangfu's Birthday Monument", and it is especially difficult to be dangerous, so this "Huangfu Monument" is so precious."

    Qing Weng Fang Gang even tried his best to lose its owner and attach importance to this stele: "This is the first path that those who learn Tang Kai script must take. If we don't start from this, how can the frame structure enter "Jiucheng" and "Huadu"?" This is Weng's words of joy and sorrow can be used as a reference for beginners.

The full text of the inscription on Huangfu’s birthday stele

    The monument of Hongyi, Minggong and Huangfu, the official of Zuo Guanglu of the Zhu Kingdom.

    The husband is sober in the autumn, and the strong grass is marked by the strong wind; the uncle's life is difficult and dangerous, and the loyal minister is evident in facing difficulties. The title must be entrusted, the tassel must be martyred for the country, the heroic reputation is as bright as the ultimatum, and the emblem is strong on the flag. How can it be possible to provoke the Xiaoqiang, bring disaster to Fanhan, be stronger than the seven countries, and have the power of three prisons, and he will go through fire and water without hesitation. Those who are sharp and careless, stir up the breeze in the back leaves, resist the name and integrity at the time, see the great righteousness and Ming Gong.

    Jun's taboo is Dan, whose name is Xuanxian, and he is the man from An Ding Dynasty. In the past, he established Changqiu and established trees in Dongjun. Taiwei split the soil in Huaili and Situ Xun dug soil in Yumen. Therefore, he used chariots and clothes to commemorate his weapons and abilities. Zhong, the prosperous clan is the highest in the country, and the Huazong is more advanced than Luan Que. It is prepared in the historical document, which can be briefly described. His great-grandfather was Chonghua, envoy Chijie, General Longxiang, and Liangzhou Assassin. If you moisten Muhui Mountain, you will pay a high price to Zhao Bi; if you admire the beauty of Chuanzhao, you will be able to collect pearls from Sui. Zuhe, Yongzhou praised and governed, and presented envoys Chijie, Sanqi Changshi, chariots and cavalry generals, Yitong three divisions, and the governors of Jiaozhou and Jingzhou. The high road is about to gallop, and Suyao chases the foot of the wind; it swings and begins to fight, and it falls to the feathers hanging from the sky early. Fufan was envoy Chijie, General Hussar, Kaifu Yitong Sansi, Suizhou governor, and Changle Gonghou. The horizontal sword of Yipang is a powerful champion; the analysis of Ruifan strips is loud in the Bohai Sea.

    The public quantity is Bao Shenbo, who is endowed with the elegance of Songshan Mountain; the talent is also Xiao Xiang, and the Shujing of Pleiades Wei is descended. According to De Yiren, he lives in Zhenti Dao. Hanzhang expresses his nature, waiting for change in Zhulan; respect and filial piety are the foundation, he would rather learn from Qiaozi. The rhinoceros and elephant are cut off at the front, and they stand up to Kunwu with hundreds of exercises; their wings cover the mandarin ducks, and ninety thousand people are fighting in the sea. Bo Tao's bones and property, Wen Zhanqing's clouds, filial piety and tenderness, loyalty to rescue the way. The same as He Chong's weapon bureau, he was promoted to the king of Jin; similar to Xun You's grand plan, he saw the lord of Wei. Therefore, there are many kinds of art, including those who are talented. When he started his career, in addition to the long history of Prince Bi of Zhou Dynasty, he was honored with the name of Fanmu, and his position was in the first place. If he served Suiyang, he was honored as a guest. Now Cang Jing is in charge of it, Yan Yun has begun to plan, and he has served as a second border official. He has real capital and is expected to be granted the title of Guangzhou Governor. The joy of the near and the distant becomes lighter and more subtle than the carvings; the rebellion and the gentleness gradually turn into the gentleness of the ear. The king of Shu was located in Weicheng. He built deep rocks, built jade barriers, and made bronze beams for the town. He cleverly selected talented people to serve as his assistants and granted them justice to the General Manager of Gongyi Prefecture. In the past, when Liang Xiao founded the country, he conquered Zou Yang, and when Yan Zhao established the country, he launched an expedition against Guo Wei. Therefore, I asked Chi Ling to ask questions in the Jie Pavilion, and spread fragrance on the platform, so that the past and the present are consistent with each other. The Minister of Bibu was eliminated and transferred to the Minister of Punishment. Walking in the purple courtyard, the light reflects the imperial columns; twisting and turning in the Dandi, the reputation is high in the Zhou Dynasty. Russia moved to govern and serve as censor. If you go against the rules and correct yourself, you will never be powerful at the time; if the frost is like a rope, you will be greedy and competitive.

    Following Emperor Wen, he asked for clothes to wait until his death, aiming to forgive the punishment, cursing the net and weeping for the guilty, and staying in love to stay in jail. He was awarded the title of Shaoqing of Dali. The public must be aware of both the big and the small, and listen to Zhang Jizhi's reasoning; be tolerant and fierce, so that there is no injustice to the public. However, since the Li Wei is responsible for Yin's affairs, and the central government has given great importance to him, it is really difficult for him to accept this post. He was awarded Shangshu Youcheng, who has a clear understanding of political skills, a deep knowledge of prescriptions, Zang Fu's own distinction, and a well-organized list of principles. Ding Mu is worried about leaving her job. In mourning for the village, the neighbors stopped working because of it; feeling sad for the road, travelers stopped singing because of it. Filial piety is the example of Yilun, and sincerity is subtle and serene. Although it is high, how can it be added to it? Seeking edicts and seizing love, he resumed his old duties. At that time in Shandong, the customs were promoted by the people. Although the people were pre-organized, the teachings were not carried out. Zhao Gongzhijie was appointed as the pacifying ambassador of Hebei and Henan Province, and he was still given 500 stones of rice and 500 pieces of silk. Gongxuan administers government affairs, a beautiful and royal chapter; supports festivals and watches the wind, and is honored to be an envoy of embroidered clothes. After the matter was over, he rebelled and was granted the title of Minister Zuocheng. However, Bingzhou is located in Shenxu, and the city is close to the Jin River. It is the same as the Western Shu, and the danger is similar to the Eastern Qin. He was granted the title of Duke and merged with the Sima of the Prefecture General Administration Office, and the third division of Yitong was added. When the public praises and serves a great state, it has a great reputation, the elite people are influenced by it, and the cunning officials are fearful of power.

    The sword and seal belonging to Emperor Wen were left in the air, and Luan Qi could not resist. Yang Liang led Taiyuan's armor and supported Heshuo's troops. Fang Shuduan caused chaos in the capital, and Tongzhou Xu brought disaster to Pu. Although he had no place to serve as a jade, he had no intention of winning the championship. Gongbei said that he was in danger, so he went to Chen Nishun to accept Wei Bo's glory, but was killed by Wang Han. In the ninth month of the fourth year of Renshou, Zhicong was transported to the capital, on the fifty-first day of the Spring and Autumn Period. The sigh of defeating the good will arise from all the opportunities, and the sadness of the prosperity and loss of hundreds of people. The mountains of Kong's family are in ruins, and the buildings of Yang Jun are broken. As a gift to Dr. Zhu Guo and Zuo Guanglu, he was granted the title of Duke of Hongyi County and a settlement of 5,000 households. His posthumous title was Ming Gong, which is also a courtesy. For the funeral necessities, five thousand pieces of silk and three thousand stones of millet were given.

    Wei Gong has a gentle nature, and he has long expressed the treasures of the rainbow. The book has been exhausted in six books, and the virtues are included in the four subjects. The strange book of Yange Qutai and the secret theory of Hongdu Shiqu . For example, when an arrow reaches a rhinoceros, the rest is wrapped around its feathers; when gold is cut from Chu and jade is cut, it is sharpened with fur. Saving the weak is the same as pointing and shouting, knowing it personally and waiting for it to lift the fire, advancing the virtuous by pushing the boss, knowing that it is ready to flick the crown. If you keep your faith, gold is worth less than your promise; if you forget yourself and die, your life is worth less than a feather. Qi is younger than Chongjin, and he is favored and humiliated in Lingfu. He can be said to be a model of elegance and vulgarity, and he is also a hero when he is crowned. Fang should be bright and beautiful, and be involved in comprehensive engine maintenance. How can it be said that there are many things happening in the world, his luck is in the Tao, he has not developed the plan of the country, and he is dying. The minister of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the world, Shangzhu Guo Huaguo Gong Wuyi, thought that under Xingshan Mountain, Mo Ji Zhong's tomb was unknown; to the east of Pingling, who knew Zimeng's tomb. It is a carved gole stone that makes the sound of flying flying. The tree-lined road expresses its fragrance forever. Shuge Liang's Long, Zhongzhuang banned firewood and Su; Jia Kui's stele, Wei Jun sighed because it was immortal. It is an inscription that says:

    Huazong, the Queen of Yin Dynasty, was named Qing Zhou. The characters represent virtue and the clothes represent the world. At the right time, the wing master will be the emperor's assistant. Prosperous economics and economic prosperity. The family inherited Jiqing, a great man in the world. The night light is ashamed of the treasure, and the morning light is ashamed of the treasure. The clouds are higher than the land, and the sun is shining below. Yiyang Yuanfu, counselor Jijun. The jade leaf is sealed in the east, and the two pictures are opened in the north. The green cattails are played, and the red train is dragged around the house. It is famous for Jieshi and has a high reputation for building rituals. The Erbi Xiantai holds the orchid text. Split the stars and split the warriors, establish the marquis and found the country. Assist with the help of good people, and support each other with virtue. Zhongtai quit his job and took up his post in Jinyang. Looking forward to the imperial court, I heard about Chen Ji. The steps are covered with creeping grass, and the pruning trees are cut in the ruined village. It was difficult for him to become an army, so his uncle raised an army. Jiande serves the festival, Yi and I are loyal. He was ordered to live on the road, and his name was long after he died. Niu Ting started divination, and Ma Xian first sealed it. The green stele is engraved with phoenix, and the red inscription depicts dragon . The smoke spreads across the ancient trees, and the clouds lock the pine trees. Respect the virtues and broadcast the Sheng Yong forever.