In the Northern Song Dynasty, Shu (Sichuan) produced a kind of fine-textured natural-color silk called Shusu. A man named Shao Zizhong mounted a section of Shu Su into a long scroll with black silk bars woven on it. After three generations of grandparents and grandchildren, no one dared to write. Because the texture of silk fabrics is rough, stagnant and difficult to write, those who do not have profound skills dare not care about it. Until the third year of Yuanyou in the Northern Song Dynasty (1088 A.D.) when Mi Fu was thirty-eight years old, Mi Fu saw it but "did not let it go". He swiped it to the end and wrote it freely and vigorously, as if he was like a fish in water. I wrote my own eight poems in five or seven characters, which is "Shu Su Tie". Due to the fact that silk fabrics are not easy to absorb ink, this volume has more dry brushwork, which makes the ink color throughout the text vary from thick to light, like a thirsty horse rushing to a spring, and it is more exciting and moving. This volume was collected by famous collectors such as Xiang Yuanbian, Dong Qichang, and Wu Ting in the Ming Dynasty. In the Qing Dynasty, it fell into the hands of Gao Shiqi, Wang Hongxu, and Fu Heng.
   The structure of "Shu Su Tie" is intriguing and straightforward, changing and agile, zooming in and out is effective, the shape of the characters is beautiful and long, and the characters are elegant, casually arranged, without clothes or shoes. Swipe vertically and horizontally with the pen, open and jump, both square and round, strong and soft, the hidden front is slightly exposed, and the exposed front is also reserved, and the hanging pen ends abruptly, like a sharp knife. The side is either curved or straight; the lifting and pressing are distinct, and the pulling is strong; it is both thick and thin, neither sharp nor harsh, neither middle nor side, neither dry nor moist. In terms of composition, the compact stippling contrasts strongly with the large blanks, the heavy strokes and soft lines appear alternately, the fluent strokes and the stagnant strokes complement each other, and the dynamics of the majestic horses and the calm and graceful static are perfectly combined , forming a unique composition of "Shu Su Tie". In short, the frank brushwork, strange structure, and neutral layout have changed the peaceful and simple style of calligraphy since the Jin and Tang Dynasties, creating an exciting and cheerful artistic conception. Therefore, Gao Shiqi of the Qing Dynasty once wrote a poem to praise this post: "Shu weaves the world of plain bird silk, Mi Dianshu Mai Ou Yu school. Going in and out of the Wei and Jin Dynasties is innocent, and the wind and the horse are absolutely delightful." Dong Qichang said in the postscript of "Shu Su Tie": "This volume is like a lion fighting an elephant, and I will go all out to it, and it should be a lifelong cooperation."

Explanation of "Shu Su Tie":
     Antique. The green pine is strong and straight. Ling Xiao felt ashamed. All kinds of branches and leaves. Involve the upper loose end. Autumn flowers rise in crimson smoke. Charming Yun Jin Yin. Not ashamed or self-reliant. Shu Guang shoots pills. Bo saw the effect of vomiting. The crane suspects that it shrinks its neck and returns. Green pine has no flowers at all. An De Bao Sui Han. The tortoise and the crane live together. Yusuke asked Shu. All kinds are spiritual things. We forget each other. Cranes have the heart to soar into the sky. Turtles hate tailgating. Attach the mouth with two bamboos. The prime minister will go to Yunqu. Tell you to be careful not to speak. One word is muddy. The Wujiang Chuihong Pavilion was made. Duanyun a Dongting sail. Yupo sea bass cream Jinpo mandarin orange. It is good to write new poems following Sang Zhu. Hanging rainbows and autumn colors fill the southeast. Generally, the five lakes are frosty and clear. The long distance does not distinguish the shape of the water and the sky. Why do we need Zhinv support machine stone. And the play Chang'e is called a guest star. It was a trip to Huzhou. Enter Jixian Lin Sheren. Sailing the moon to pass by. Good spirits, listening to singing songs. The road does not pick up the leftovers, Zhizheng Su. It is time and time for wild and stagnant ears. Tianfen autumn and summer capital Yinxing. Sunny offering Xishan drunk Oh. They caught toads and studied ink together. Colored letter book to Jian Jiangbo. Chongjiuhui County Building. The mountains are clear and refreshing in nine autumns. Yellow chrysanthemum and red dogwood are all over the boat. It is better to have a queen after a thousand miles. The group of virtuous people is in front of them. Du Lang's closed guest is now. Xie Shou Merry is passed down in ancient times. It's all about Qiuyingyuan alone. I have always been biased towards poetry. And Lin Gongxian's work. The bright moon in the sky. Thousands of miles away. Zhenze is one water. Occupation has exceeded two. Sala is Mount Xian. Absurd cloud-shaped land. The land is only in Soochow. Ancient beauties of mountains and rivers. Among them are Jiaojiao people. Qiong Yiyu is Er. He is the head of the Villies. Learning is right with the millennium. Be alone for a long time. I am willing to recruit classes from afar. Jin Qi brings autumn prestige. Go by the clouds and go to the mast. Chao Yu Yu Yu Biao. Twilight returns to the light. Cloud blind has wind horse? Qiu. Toad Tie has sharp swords. Tingting Taiyin Palace. Nothing is to look at the stars. Xing Shen Yi Dan Yi. Li Dongxuan's clothes are fake. Fanfan praise vulgar labor. It's easy to forget. Haohao will do it for me. Stupid beard. Send Wang Huanzhi Yanzhou. Ji Ying Chun Dian Ming shoot rest. Shenwu Tian came down to Che. Hong Lu sang the first song at the beginning. Baimian Wanglang was eighteen years old. Shenwu Music Education is made in the world. Don't let knocking and bashing make preaching. The first state in the southeast of Yijin. Jibi Lake and Mountain are both clear. An old fisherman from Xiangyang. If you don't love colorful flowers, you will love spring stones. When we meet, there is no appointment and no rebellion. Everyone holds ancient books on the same shore. The prostitute friends first fell in love with each other. Wash your hair and let your mind be easy to worry about. The Liaohe is a couple in the clouds. The scholar looked at it. How deep is the appliance industry recently. There is no bottom in the Zhan Zhan area. It's never easy to be pitiful. It's in vain to drive attentively to find a man. Man Shi traveled all over his life. Stand shoulder to shoulder with talents. There are few haikus that can scold ghosts. The old learners keep their mouths open. One official chats with three paths of capital. Don't look back when you choose different routes. Yuanyou Wuchen September 23rd. The Record of Mi Fu in Xitang.