During the Northern Song Dynasty, Shu (Sichuan) produced a kind of fine-quality natural silk called Shu Su. A man named Shao Zizhong framed a piece of Shu silk into a long scroll with a black silk strip woven on it. He only wrote a few sentences at the end of the scroll and left the beginning of the scroll free for famous people to write poems and leave their descendants. For three generations, no one dared to write. Because the texture of silk fabrics is rough and sluggish, it is difficult to write on it, so people who are not very skilled do not dare to care about it. Until the third year of Yuanyou in the Northern Song Dynasty (1088 AD) when Mi Fu was thirty-eight years old, Mi Fu "did his duty" when he saw it. He wrote freely and vigorously, as if he was like a fish in water. He wrote on it He composed a poem of five to seven words and eight words by himself, which is called "Shu Su Tie". Because silk fabrics are not easily susceptible to ink, there are many dead pens in this volume, making the ink color throughout the text vary from dark to light, making it even more exciting and moving, like a thirsty man rushing to a spring. This volume was collected by famous collectors such as Xiang Yuanbian, Dong Qichang, and Wu Ting in the Ming Dynasty. It fell into the hands of Gao Shiqi, Wang Hongxu, and Fu Heng in the Qing Dynasty. It later entered the Qing Dynasty and is now in the National Palace Museum in Taiwan.
   The structure of "Shu Su Tie" is strange and straightforward, flexible and flexible, effective in scaling, upright and straight, beautiful and tall in shape, elegant in style, casual in layout, and neither shirt nor shoes. The pen is swayed vertically and horizontally, with penetrating and jumping, both square and round, strong and soft. The hidden edge is slightly sharp, and the exposed edge is also subtle. The pen is drooped and closed, and it stops abruptly, like a sharp knife cutting. The hanging needle is closed and there is a positive feeling. Side, either curved or straight; clear lifting and pressing, strong and firm pulling thread; thick and slender, neither perverse nor rough, middle or side, neither dry nor moist. In terms of composition, there is a strong contrast between compact stipples and large sections of blank space. Heavy strokes and soft lines appear alternately. Fluent strokes and stagnant strokes complement each other. The dynamics of the wind, the formation of horses, and the calm and graceful tranquility are perfectly combined. , forming the unique composition of "Shu Su Tie". In short, the straightforward brushwork, strange structures, and neutral layout have washed away the peaceful and simple calligraphy style since the Jin and Tang Dynasties, creating an exciting, joyful, and energizing artistic conception. Therefore, a high-ranking scholar from the Qing Dynasty once wrote a poem praising this post: "In the world of Sichuan weaving plain bird silk, Mi Dian Shu Maiou Yu sect. Traveling in and out of the Wei and Jin Dynasties is innocent, and the wind, Qiang, and horses are absolutely joyful." Dong Qichang wrote in the postscript of "Shu Su Tie": "This volume is like a lion fighting an elephant. It goes with all its strength and should be regarded as a lifelong cooperation."

Explanation of "Shu Su Tie":
     Simulate ancient times. The green pine stands tall and vigorous. Ling Xiao bowed in shame. All kinds of seeds produce branches and leaves. Implicates Kamatsuta. Autumn flowers bloom. Beautiful clouds and beautiful clouds. Not shy or self-reliant. Shu Guang She Wan Wan. Bai Jian Tu Zi is effective. He doubtfully shrinks his neck and returns. The green pine is essentially unpretentious. Safe and healthy. Turtles and cranes live together every year. Yu Jie Suo Shu. All kinds of things are spiritual things. Get carried away with each other. Cranes have a soaring heart. The turtle is tired of dragging its tail. With two pieces of bamboo attached to the mouth. The prime minister will go to Yunqu. Please be careful and say nothing. One word is muddled. Made at Chuihong Pavilion in Wujiang. The broken clouds are like a Dongting sail. Jade Po Bass Frost Golden Po Mandarin. It is good to compose new poems following Mulberry. The autumn colors of the weeping rainbow fill the southeast. The five lakes are covered with frost and clear air. I can't tell the shape of water and sky. Why do we need Weaver Girl's support stone? And in the play, Chang'e is called a guest star. It was a trip to Huzhou. When entering the country, I send it to the people of Jixianlin. The sails are sailing and the moon is far away. It's great to listen to singing songs. If you don't pick up any relics on the road, you will know that the government is austere. Nodo Jusui is Shihe. The talent is divided into autumn and summer. I'm drunk when I see the clear stream and mountains. Then they caught toads and studied ink together. Colored paper and books are all over the river. Chongjiuhui County Building. The mountains are clear and the air is refreshing in autumn. Yellow chrysanthemums and red dogwood fill the boat. Thousands of miles away, I would rather have a future. From the virtuous to the wretched, they are at the forefront. How can Du Lang close his doors now? It was passed down by Xie Shou Fengliu in ancient times. Only the story behind Qiu Ying's fate. As I grow older, my taste turns to poetry. and Lin Gong's work on Xianshan. The moon is bright in the sky. Tuantuan travels thousands of miles. Zhenze is a piece of water. The share has exceeded two. Salo is Xianshan. The clouds shape the earth. The land is just east of Wu. Ancient beauties of landscapes. There are bright people among them. Qiongyiyu is Er. The position is Vile Immortal. Learning and millennium are opposite. Stay alone for a long time. I am willing to recruit people from afar. The golden gong carries the power of autumn. He chases the clouds and arrives. Chaojunyu Yu Biao. The dusk returns to the light. Cloud blindness has wind horse? Qiu. Toad Tie has a sharp knife. Tingting Taiyin Palace. Wu is looking at the stars. The prosperity is deep and the barbarians are dangerous. Lidongxuan Shang fake. Fanfen praises vulgar labor. It is easy to forget. Haohao will do it for me. Stupid and stupid. Send Wang Huan to Yanzhou. In Jiyingchun Hall, the trees are singing and resting. Shen Wutian shines brightly. Honglu sang the first song. The white-faced king is eighteen years old. Shenwu Yueyu is created all over the world. Don't use knocking to preach. The first state in the southeast of Yijin. The two clear photos of Jibi Lake and Mountain. An old fisherman from Xiangyang. If you don't like the colorful flowers, you will love the spring stones. When we meet, there is no promise. I hold ancient books on the same bank. Obscene friends and lovers admire each other for the first time. Wash your hair and relax your mind. The graceful couple in the clouds of Liaohe. The scholar Ju Kuai looked at the owl. How profound is the utensil industry these days? There is no bottom in the Zhan Zhan area. It's never easy to be pitiful. It is in vain to search diligently for official positions. Manshi traveled all over his life. Work side by side with talented people. There are few haiku that can curse ghosts. The old scholar is full of words. One official has three qualifications. Don't look back if you choose a different path. Yuanyou Wuchen, September 23rd. Xi Tang Mi Fu Ji.