Wen Yanbo's handwriting is in running script, on paper, 26.4 centimeters long and 43.4 centimeters wide.
There are ten lines (this post in "Sanxitang Dharma Poster" is changed to eleven lines) and the number of words in each line is different, totaling seventy-one words.

  Yan Boqi, the first to get the report in this post, Nei Han is on the verge of leaving his prime. I have known the contract for a long time, but when I heard it, I swallowed it. How can it be successful because of nature? You must encourage yourself. How to deal with this in old age? I was born in the year before last and suffered from this pain. It is because I have always paid attention to the non-born method, so I can take care of myself. Fortunately, I listened to the words of fools. Yanbo