Wang Shen is fond of landscape painting. He once created two works with the same theme - "Misty River Overlapping Mountains" using two methods: green landscape and ink landscape. Now both "Misty River Overlapping Mountains" are collected in the Shanghai Museum. , the one introduced here is an ink painting, followed by two chapters of Su Shi's running script poems and postscripts, and Wang Shen's singing and harmony poems with two chapters and postscripts, which is very precious. Among them, Wang Shen's calligraphy is a literati's ink play, but his brushstrokes are both square and circular, and the front and side are used interchangeably. His style of writing mostly uses side strokes to gain momentum. This authentic painting was once recognized as a fake painting in the industry, but was later repeatedly identified as a national treasure by Zhong Yinlan, a national cultural relic appraisal expert at the Shanghai Museum.