Huang Tingjian's "Send to Yue Yuntie"

   Huang Tingjian (1045.8.9-1105.5.24), courtesy name Luzhi, nicknamed Valley Daoren, and later named Fuweng, was born in Fenning, Hongzhou (now Xiushui County, Jiangxi Province), a famous writer and calligrapher in the Northern Song Dynasty, and a very prosperous Jiangxi Province. The founder of the school of poetry, together with Du Fu, Chen Shidao and Chen Yuyi, is known as "one ancestor and three schools" (Huang Tingjian is one of them). Together with Zhang Lei, Chao Buzhi, and Qin Guan, they all studied under Su Shi's school, and they are collectively known as the "Four Scholars of Su School". He was as famous as Su Shi during his lifetime, and is known as "Su Huang" in the world. 

He is the author of "Song Valley Ci", and Huang Tingjian's calligraphy is also unique, and he is one of the "Four Masters of Song Dynasty".

   Huang Tingjian's "Jiyue Yuntie", the fourth volume of "Calligraphy and Painting Postscript" edited by Yu Pangqing in the Ming Dynasty and the fifth volume of Wang Dayu's "Coral Net" are all recorded, and also contain postscripts by Lu You and Hu Changru. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, "Kai Xue Tang Tie" and "Huang Wen Jie Gongfa Book Stone Carvings" were included, and only rubbings survive today.


    Send to Yueyun, An Jiuxia. No leisure, really chic. Bixitou, ancient Matsushita. Lying on Pantuo, day after night.

    Bade water is clear and beautiful. Swing your spirits and soak your teeth. Luanyungen, among the peaks. Squeeze and pour, follow the device.