Chu Suiliang (596-658), courtesy name Dengshan, was born in Qiantang, Zhejiang (now Hangzhou City). Among the four giants of calligraphers in the early Tang Dynasty, Chu Suiliang was considered a junior. His calligraphy styles were learned from Wang Xizhi, Yu Shinan, and Ouyang Xun, and he was able to establish his own system. Its characteristic is that it is good at integrating Yu and Ou's brushwork, with both square and round strokes, and smooth waves. It is more stretched than its predecessors, and was deeply appreciated by Li Shimin, Taizong of the Tang Dynasty. Li Shimin once showed Chu Wang Xizhi's calligraphy collected in the imperial palace and asked him to identify the authenticity. He made no mistakes, which shows that he was proficient in studying Wang Xizhi's calligraphy.

 "The Preface to the Sacred Teachings of the Wild Goose Pagoda" is also known as "The Preface to the Sacred Teachings of Ci'en Temple". Fan Ershi, two stone carvings were erected in the fourth year of Yonghui reign of Emperor Gaozong of the Tang Dynasty (653 AD). They are both under the Big Wild Goose Pagoda of Ci'en Temple in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province. The first stone is a preface, the full name is "The Preface to the Sacred Teachings of the Tripitaka of the Tang Dynasty". Li Shimin, Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty, wrote an article to commend Xuanzang. The Master went to India to obtain Buddhist scriptures and spent seventeen years traveling back and forth. After returning to Chang'an, he translated the important Buddhist texts of the Tripitaka. Chu Suiliang's book, 18 lines, 42 characters. The full name is "The Emperor of the Tang Dynasty's Report of the Tripitaka Sacred Teachings". An article written by Li Zhi, Emperor Gaozong of the Tang Dynasty, written by Chu Suiliang, 20 lines, 40 words per line, right-hand column. "Preface to the Sacred Teachings of the Wild Goose Pagoda" was written by Chu Suiliang when he was fifty-eight years old. He died six years after the book was written. It can also be said that he left it in his later years. A masterpiece, the font is thin and strong, and extremely rich.

  "The Preface to the Sacred Teachings of the Wild Goose Pagoda" uses both square and circular strokes in the writing, starting and stopping backwards; horizontal strokes are vertical, and vertical strokes are horizontal. There are ups and downs between the beginning and the end. There are certain rules. Zhang Huaijin of the Tang Dynasty commented on this book: "The beauty Chanjuan seems to be no lighter than Luo Qi, and she is graceful and graceful." Qin Wenjin also commented: "Chu Deng is good at writing, and his appearance is like Luo Qi's Chanjuan, and his expression is copper and iron. This stele is particularly graceful and charming. Yi, the waves are as smooth as a gossamer. The ability to convey the subtleties of turning points one by one, the essence of Moleh is the best among all the monuments in the Tang Dynasty."

  In addition, there was also an inscription with the same words in Tongzhou in ancient times, which was called "Tongzhou Holy Religion", which was different from this "Yanta Holy Religion". Wang Yan once commented: "...the prefaces of Tongzhou and Yanta Two Holy Sects are their own methods, and the copies of "Lanting" handed down from generation to generation are also different from Sui. Most of the inscriptions are from their own Jichu." This stele "inscribes" The two words "governance" in "" are missing in order to avoid Gao Zong's taboo.

Attachment: The original text of "The Preface to the Holy Religion of the Wild Goose Pagoda" is as follows.

    Gai heard that there were images in the two instruments, which showed that they were covered with life. The four seasons are invisible, hiding in the cold and heat to transform into things. By looking at the sky and the earth, all mediocre and foolish people will know the truth. There is bright Yin and Dong Yang, and there are countless sages. However, the heaven and earth are composed of yin and yang and are easy to recognize because they have images. Yin and Yang are between heaven and earth and it is difficult to be poor because they are invisible. Therefore, we know that the image is obvious and signifying, even if we are stupid, we will not be confused. What's more, Buddhism and Taoism respect emptiness, take advantage of secludedness to control stillness, promote blessings to thousands of people, and protect the ten directions. To lift up the mighty spirit is supreme, to suppress the divine power is supreme. The big ones are spread across the universe, and the small ones are captured within a millimeter. There is no destruction and no birth, and it will last for thousands of kalpas and remain unchanged. If it is hidden or obvious, it will bring you a hundred blessings and last forever. The wonderful way is condensed and mysterious. If you follow it, you will not know where it is. The flow of Dharma is profound and silent, and one cannot fathom its source. Therefore, I know that stupid people are stupid and ordinary, and they are just mediocre. If you follow his purpose, you can have no doubts. However, the rise of great religion was based on the Western soil. Bright dreams come from the Han Dynasty, and kindness flows from the eastern region. In the past, when fractals were separated and traces were separated, words were not yet developed but they were transformed. In a world where people always look up to virtue and know how to obey it. As soon as the dark shadow returns to its true form, the ritual moves across the world. The golden face conceals the color and does not reflect the light of three thousand people. The beautiful elephant opens the picture, and the four and eight signs are empty. So he spoke in a low voice and was widely criticized, saving Han and others from the three ways. The legacy of Xia Xuan leads people to be born in ten places. However, it is difficult to believe in the true teaching, and no one can point it out. It is easy to follow the wrong learning, and there is no right way to go wrong. The reason for the confusion is that it is empty or based on custom. The multiplication of large and small, first along and then ups and downs. Master Xuanzang is the leader of the sect. Be pregnant with purity and sensitivity at a young age, and realize the three emptiness early. The expression of long-term agreement, the journey of the Four Forbearances. Song Feng Shui Yue is not as good as Tsinghua University. The pearl of fairy dew can make it bright and moist. Therefore, there is no fatigue through wisdom, and there is no form through divine prediction. It transcends the six dusts and stands out, it only lasts through the ages but has no right. Concentrating on the inner state of my heart, I feel sad for the mausoleum of the righteous Dharma. Dwelling on Xuanmen, I feel the absurdity of profound literature. Thinking and desires are divided into sections, and analysis is based on what he has heard before. Cut off the false and continue the true, and learn from it later. So I set my heart on the Pure Land and traveled to the Western Regions. Take advantage of the danger and march far away, use the staff to lead the lonely expedition. The snow is flying in the morning, and the land is lost. The frightening sand rises in the evening, and the sky is lost in the sky. Thousands of miles of mountains and rivers, pushing through the haze and making shadows. A hundred times of cold and heat, sneaking through the frost and rain. Honesty is more important than hard work, and seeking depth is more important than hard work. Traveling around Xiyu for seven years out of ten. A poor country. Ask for Orthodoxy. Two forests and eight waters, the taste is refreshing. Deers, wands and eagles peak, admiring the wonders and wonders. Inherit the best words from the sages and receive the true teachings from the sages. Explore the wonderful doors and discover the secrets. One ride on the road of five Jins, speeding through the heart. The eight treasures and three boxes of articles are like waves in the sea of ​​​​kou. From the country he conquered, he captured the essential texts of the Tripitaka. The six hundred and fifty-seven volumes were translated and distributed in Zhongxia to promote the victorious karma. Introduce the clouds of kindness to the extreme west, and inject the rain of Dharma to the east. The holy religion is missing but restored, and the common people are guilty but blessed. The dry flames of the wet fire house together pull out the lost. Love the waves of water and reach the other shore together. This is knowing that evil will fall due to karma, and good will rise due to fate. The ends of rising and falling are only supported by people. For example, the husband's osmanthus grows on the high mountains, and only the clouds and dew can bring out its flowers. When the lotus comes out of Lubo, flying dust cannot stain its leaves. The nature of non-lotus is self-purifying, but the nature of cinnamon is pure. If the person attached to the good cause is high, then the small things cannot be tired. If the object is pure, the turbid kind cannot be stained. The husband is ignorant of flowers and trees, but he still has the talent to become good. What’s more, if you have knowledge of human ethics, you don’t want to celebrate but seek to celebrate. Fang Ji's meridian flow will make the sun and moon endless. Si Fu Xia Fu, together with the universe and forever great. 

 In the fourth year of Yonghui, in the tenth month of Guichou, Guisi was built on the fifteenth day of Maoshuo. 

 A letter from Chu Suiliang, the central minister. 

 The Emperor of the Tang Dynasty narrates the Preface to the Tripitaka Sacred Religion 

 I want to promote orthodox teachings, but I can’t spread my literature without wisdom. Advocate for subtle words. No one but a wise man can determine his purpose. Gaizhen is like the holy teaching, the Xuanzong of all dharma, and the track of all scriptures. It is comprehensive and far-reaching, and its purpose is profound. The subtlety of existence in the extreme void, the secret of the birth and death of the body. The Ci is luxuriant and the road is wide, and those who are looking for it do not investigate its origin. The meaning of the text is clear and secluded, and those who understand it are unpredictable. Therefore, we know that the work of holy kindness cannot be achieved without good deeds. It is applied with wonderful transformation, and the conditions are not bad and not broken. Open the Dharma Network and promote the orthodox teachings of the Six Perfections. Save the people from their misfortunes and reveal the secrets of Tripitaka. Therefore, the name has no wings but flies long, and the Tao has no roots but is eternal. Taoist celebrities celebrate, and the town is everlasting. Go to the induction body and survive the tribulations of this world without immortality. In the morning and in the evening, I chant the Buddhist chant, and the two notes are exchanged on the peak of the eagle. The flow of Dharma from the sun of wisdom turns the two wheels around the deer. Empty the treasure cap, catch the flying clouds and fly together. The spring forest in the village is mixed with the smallpox. 

  His Majesty Emperor Fu Wei. Shangxuan Zifu, hanging down the arch to control the eight desolations. Virtue was conquered by Qian and Li, and he gathered his clothes and went to all nations. Engagement adds rotten bones, and the stone chamber returns to the writings of Bayeux. The insects are sedated, and the golden chamber flows with the verses of the Brahma. Then he sent Ani to reach the water and connect the eight rivers in Shendian. Qijijue Mountain is connected to the green ridge of Songhua Mountain. Stealing one's nature and virtue into silence, one cannot return to one's heart. The wisdom is mysterious, the feeling is sincere and then manifested. How can it be said that on a heavy night, the light of a candle is bright? In the day of the burning house, the rain of Dharma falls. So hundreds of rivers flow together in the sea. The definitions are all different, and they are all true. How can the merits and demerits of Tang and Wu schools be compared with those of Yao and Shun? Master Xuanzang had a long-cherished wish and was determined to cut down the bamboo slips. The spirit is clear and the years are chaotic, the body is exalted in the world of glitz and glamor. Concentrate your feelings and settle down in the room, hiding in the dark rock. He dwells in three meditations and travels through ten places. Beyond the realm of the six dusts, one can only reach the realm of Gawei. Know the purpose of one multiplication and randomize things. Using the immateriality of China, we seek the true text of India. Crossing the Ganges River far away, the final word is full. I climbed the snowy ridge frequently and even obtained half a pearl. Asking for the Dharma to return lasted for seven years out of ten. Prepare common interpretations, and focus on benefiting things. On September 6, the 19th year of Zhenguan, he was ordered to translate 657 sacred texts at Hongfu Temple. Leading the flow of Dharma from the sea, washing away the dust and inexhaustible. The long flame of the lamp of wisdom. Bright and dark but ever bright. Since it has not been a long-term success, how can it be used to promote this purpose? The so-called Dharma is always abiding, and it is the brightness of the three lights. My emperor's blessing is perfect, and the two rituals are solid. Fushi Jian Yuzhi, the preface of all the classics, illuminates the past and the present. The theory contains the sound of gold and stone, and the writing contains the moisture of wind and cloud. To treat it, light dust can be seen on the mountains, and the dew can add to the flow. I'll give you a brief outline and think about it. 

 The emperor wrote this article in the Spring Palace. 

 In the fourth year of Yonghui, it was built on the 10th day of Dinghai in the twelfth month of Guichou. 

 The minister's servant shot a letter from Chu Suiliang, the founding official of Henan County in the Zhu Kingdom. 

 Wanwenshao inscription.