Chu Suiliang (596-658), courtesy name Dengshan, was born in Qiantang (now Hangzhou), Zhejiang. Among the four giants of calligraphers in the early Tang Dynasty, Chu Suiliang was regarded as the younger generation. His calligraphic styles were learned from Wang Xizhi, Yu Shinan, and Ouyang Xun, and he was able to enter the room and form his own system. Its characteristic is that it is good at integrating Yu and Ou's brushwork into one, with both square and circle, and free movement, which is more stretched than its predecessors, which won the appreciation of Tang Taizong Li Shimin. Li Shimin once showed Wang Xizhi's calligraphy in the collection of the inner palace to let him identify the authenticity.

 "The Preface to the Holy Teachings of the Yanta" is also known as "The Preface to the Holy Teachings of the Ci'en Temple". The two stones, Tang Gaozong Yonghui four years (AD 653) set up two stone carvings are under the Big Wild Goose Pagoda of Ci'en Temple in Xi'an, Shaanxi. The front stone is the preface, the full name is "The Preface to the Holy Teaching of the Tripitaka of the Tang Dynasty", written by Tang Taizong Li Shimin, in recognition of Xuanzang The master went to India to learn Buddhist scriptures, and went back and forth for 17 years. After returning to Chang’an, he translated the important books of the Buddhist Tripitaka. Chu Suiliang’s book, 18 lines, 42 characters. Tang Gaozong Li Zhi wrote an article, Chu Suiliang's book, 20 lines, 40 characters, and the right line. "The Preface to the Holy Teaching of Yanta" was written by Chu Suiliang when he was fifty-eight years old. He died six years after the book, and it can be said that he left it in his later years. The masterpiece, the font is thin and strong, very rich and rich.

  "The Preface to the Holy Religion of the Yanta" uses both square and round strokes in the movement of the brush, reverse up and down; There are certain rules. Zhang Huaijin of the Tang Dynasty commented on this book: "The beauty Chanjuan seems to be no less important than Luo Qi, and she is graceful and graceful." Qin Wenjin also commented: "Chu Deng is a good book, with the appearance of Luo Qi and Chanjuan, and the demeanor of Ke Tiegan. This stele is especially graceful and charming. Yi, the wave is like a gossamer. It can convey the subtleties of the turning points one by one. The essence of Mole is the crown of all the steles in the Tang Dynasty."

  In addition, there is also an inscription with the same characters in ancient Tongzhou, which is called "Tongzhou Shengjiao", which is different from this "Yanta Shengjiao". Wang Cheng once commented: "...the prefaces of the two holy religions of Tongzhou and Yanta are his own method, and the "Lanting" handed down from generation to generation is not the same as the rate. Most of the covers are also from his own machine." This stele "records The two characters of "zhi" in ", in order to avoid Gao Zong's taboo, are missing the last stroke.

Attachment: The original text of "The Preface to the Holy Teachings of the Yanta" is as follows.

    Gai heard that Eryi has an image, which is manifested and covered to contain life. The four seasons are invisible, and the cold and heat are transformed into objects. Therefore, if you can see the sky and learn from the earth, the mediocre and foolish will know it. The yin and the yang are bright, and the sages are rare. However, the budding of heaven and earth is yin and yang, and those who are easy to recognize, because they have images. Yin and Yang are in the sky and the earth and it is difficult to be poor because of its intangibility. Therefore, knowing that the signs are manifested, although the fool is not confused, the form is hidden, and the wise are deluded. What's more, Buddhism and Taoism worship emptiness, take advantage of seclusion and control silence, promote and benefit all things, and rule the ten directions. It is supreme to lift mighty spirits, and supreme to suppress divine power. The big ones are in the universe, and the small ones are captured in the slightest. There is no death and no birth, and it will last for thousands of kalpas and not last forever. If it is hidden and if it is visible, luck will last forever. The wonderful way is condensed and mysterious, and it is impossible to know when to follow it. The flow of the law is deep and silent, but its source is unpredictable. Therefore, I know that stupid people are stupid, mediocre and vulgar, and if they follow their purport, there will be no doubts. However, the prosperity of the great religion is based on the western lands. Teng Hanting and bright dreams, according to the Eastern Territory and flow kindness. In the past, when fractal forms and traces were separated, words were formed without expressing themselves. When the world is always present, people look up to virtue and know how to obey. When the dark shadow returns to the truth, the appearance moves beyond the world. The golden face hides the color, not mirroring the light of three thousand. Li Xiang opens a picture, and the empty end is four or eight. As a result, Weiyan was widely used, and Zhenghan was classified into the three ways. The last precepts were announced, and Daoqun was born in ten places. However, the true teaching is difficult to follow, and there is no way to point it out. The music is easy to follow, and the evil is right. The reason why there is no theory, or the custom is not. The multiplication of size, at first glance, sometimes ups and downs. There is Master Xuanzang, the leader of the Dharma sect. Young Huai Zhenmin, early to realize the heart of the three empty. With a long-term look, the first budding four-forbearance line. Songfengshuiyue is not enough to compare with Tsinghua University. The pearl of fairy dew can make it bright and moist. Therefore, it is not tiring to use wisdom to understand, and the spirit is not yet formed. Beyond the six dusts and far away, only through the ages, there is no right. Concentrating on the inner realm, mourning the mausoleum of Fa-rectification. Living in Taoism, I am full of the fallacies of profound texts. If you want to divide your thoughts into sections, analyze and broaden your past. Cut off the false and continue the true, open to learn later. Therefore, with a heart full of pure land, I traveled to the Western Regions. Take advantage of the danger and go far, and use the stick to march alone. The snow is flying in the morning, and Tu Xian loses his ground. Shocking sand rises in the evening, and the sky is lost in the sky. Thousands of miles of mountains and rivers, pulling away the haze and entering the shadows. Hundreds of cold and heat, followed by frost and rain. Sincerity is more important than labor, and I seek deep wishes. Traveling around Xiyu for seven years. Poor country. Ask for Orthodoxy. Two forests and eight waters, the taste is windy. The deer, wan and Jiufeng look at the wonders. Inherit the words from the first sages, and receive the true teaching from the sages. Exploring the wonderful door, refining the mystery. Take the road of Wujin, galloping in the heart. Eight Tibetans and three suitcases of essays, the waves are in the sea of ​​mouth. Yuan from the country he was in, and collected the important texts of the Tripitaka. All six hundred and fifty-seven volumes are translated and distributed in Zhongxia, and they promote victory. Introduce the cloud of kindness to the west pole, and pour the rain of Dharma into the east. The Holy Religion is lacking but it is complete, and the sins of the common people are rewarded with blessings. The dry flames of the wet fire house will pull out the lost way together. Lang loves the waves of water, reaching the other shore together. It is to know that evil falls due to karma, and goodness rises through fate. The end of the ups and downs is only entrusted by people. For example, when a husband's osmanthus grows in kaolin, the cloud and dew can only get its flowers. The lotus grows out of Lubo, and the flying dust cannot pollute its leaves. The nature of non-lotus is self-cleaning, but the quality of osmanthus is chaste. Good because the person attached to it is high, and the tiny things can't be tired. What is relied on is clean, and the turbid ones cannot be touched. If the husband is ignorant with flowers and trees, he is still good at capital. What's more, people are knowledgeable, and they don't want to celebrate but seek celebration. Fang Jizi used the flow to make the sun and the moon infinite. Sifu Yafu, together with Qi Kun, will grow forever. 

 In the fourth year of Yonghui, the age of Kuichou was built on the 15th day of the 15th day of the 15th day of Guisi. 

 Chu Suiliang, the minister of the central government, wrote a book. 

 Preface to Emperor Tang's Remarks on the Holy Religion of Tripitaka 

 The husband shows the orthodox religion, and there is no way to expand his writing without wisdom. Chong explained micro-words. No one who is not a virtuous person can determine its purpose. Covering the truth as the holy religion, the Xuanzong of all dharmas, and the track of all scriptures. Comprehensive and far-reaching, profound and profound. There are subtleties in the extreme space, and the secrets of the birth and death of the body. Ci is luxuriant and broad, and those who seek it will not investigate its source. The meaning of the text is obvious, and the rationale is unpredictable. Therefore, we know that the holiness and kindness are received, and the karma is not perfect without goodness. The application of subtlety, the edge is not evil but not cut. The discipline of opening the legal net, and the orthodox teaching of the six degrees. Rescue the misery of others, and enlighten the secret of Sanzang. It is the name that flies long without wings, and the Tao that has no roots but is eternal. The name of Taoism is celebrated, and the town is always in the past. Go to the sensory body, and be immortal after the dust. The morning bell and the evening Sanskrit, the second tone is at Jiufeng. Huiri Dharma flow, turn the double wheel on Lu Wan. Empty the treasure cover, and fly together with Xiangyun. Zhuangye Chunlin, together with smallpox. 

  His Majesty the Emperor Fu Wei. Shangxuan Zifu, hang down and rule the eight wastes. Virtue was captured by Qianli, and it was conquered by all nations. Enga's rotten bones, the stone chamber belongs to the text of Bayeux. Zeqi insects, the verses of the golden chamber and the Sanskrit. So he sent Anut to reach the water and connect to the eight rivers of Shendian. Qijajue Mountain is connected to the Green Ridge of Songhua. Stealing the silence of nature and morality, returning to the heart is not clear. Wisdom is mysterious, and the feeling is sincere and obvious. How can it be called the night of remembrance, the light of candles and torches. In the dynasty of the house of fire, the rain of Dharma rains. So all the rivers diverge and meet in the sea. Thousands of distinctions are made, and they are almost real. How can he compare his merits with Tang Wu, and Yao and Shun compare his virtues. Master Xuanzang, long cherished Congling Ling, determined to eliminate Jane. The year of Qing Qing, the world of flashy body. Ningqing decides the room, disappears in Youyan. Habitat three Zen, tour ten places. The realm beyond the six dusts is unmatched by Gavi. Will be multiplied by purpose, randomized objects. Find the true text of India with the innocence of China. Across the Ganges River, the final term is full. Climb the snow ridge frequently, and get half a pearl. There are ten or seven years of inquiring about the law. Prepare general explanations, benefit things as the heart. On September 6, the 19th year of Zhenguan, he received an imperial edict at Hongfu Temple to translate six hundred and fifty-seven volumes of sacred scriptures. Lead the flow of the sea to wash away the dust and tirelessly. The long flame of the wisdom lamp. Bright and dark but ever bright. Since it is not a long-term planting victory, why show the purpose of this. The so-called permanent appearance of the Dharma is the brightness of the three lights. My emperor Fuzhen is as solid as Eryi. Fushimi imperial system, the prefaces of the classics, according to the ancient times and the present. The reason contains the sound of gold and stone, and the text embraces the moistness of the wind and cloud. Governance takes light dust to foot the mountain, and falling dew adds flow. Give a brief outline, think Si Ji. 

 The emperor wrote this article in the erotic palace. 

 In the fourth year of Yonghui, it was built in Dinghai on the tenth day of Wuyinshuo in the second month of Kuichou. 

 The servant of Shangshu shot Chu Suiliang, the founding official of Henan County of Zhu Kingdom. 

 Wan Wenshao lettering.