Zhao Mengfu's "Wang Xizhi Anecdotes"

There are two versions (biography) of Zhao Mengfu's "Wang Xizhi Anecdote Post". Collection of the Metropolitan Museum of America.


Xizhi often wrote the table in his own book, and the emperor's envoy Zhang Yi wrote an imitation, and there is no difference between them. Xizhi didn't realize it at the beginning, but when he looked more closely, he sighed and said: "The villain wants to deceive the truth!"

Xizhi was fond of geese, and there was a Taoist priest in Shanyin who raised more than ten good geese. Wang Qingdan went there in a small boat, wishing to be happy. But he asked the market to change, but the Taoist priests refused, and he could not get it with a hundred methods, for example. Taoist priests are good at teaching, and have long wanted to write He Shanggong's "Lao Tzu" Su Su, but no one can write it early. Xizhi stayed for half a day, and returned home in a cage to finish his writing.