Zhao Mengfu's "Wang Xizhi's Anecdotes"

Two versions of "Wang Xizhi's Anecdotes" by Zhao Mengfu (biography). Collection of the Metropolitan Museum of America.


Xizhi often sent letters to Emperor Mu, and the emperor's envoy Zhang Yi wrote the following, which was exactly the same, and he wrote it after the title. Xi Zhi didn't realize it at first, but when he looked more closely, he sighed and said, "How dare you, a villain, to mess with the truth!"

Xi's nature was good for geese. There was a Taoist priest in Shanyin who raised more than ten geese. Wang Qingdan took a small boat and went there, wishing him great happiness. He asked for market changes, but the Taoist priests refused to cooperate and tried all kinds of methods to get it. The Taoist priest said that he had a good Taoist nature and had long wanted to write the "Laozi" by Lord Heshang. He had done it long ago but no one could write it. If the prince could bow down and write two chapters each of the "Dao De Jing", he would join the group to dedicate it to him. Xizhi stayed for half a day. After finishing writing, he caged the geese and returned.