Ke Jiusi's regular script inscribed by Zhao Mengfu's supplementary calligraphy to the Tang Dynasty's second inscription on the king's right army's visit to the Han Dynasty
From the 2008 Spring Art Auction of Beijing Kuangshi International Auction Co., Ltd.

Title of the work: Inscribed in regular script, Zhao Mengfu supplemented the calligraphy of the Tang Dynasty.
Texture: paper
Size: 25×15cm×2
No.: 1519
Estimated price: RMB 800,000-1,000,000 (yuan)
Transaction price: RMB 2,352,000
Auction date: 2008-5-23
Appraisal seals: Yexi, Yuyin, Peiqiu Approval, Zhiliu Peiqiu Collection Seal, Peiqiu Collection
Explanation: The two posters of "Li Wang Lin Wang You Jun Zhan Han" written by You Tang people, with calm writing and well-rounded turns, come from Ouyang Fa. The beauty of it is that it is the calm and middle way, which is indispensable for sincere calligraphers. Wuxing and Zhao Hanlin made up for its shortcomings, which have been commented on by predecessors, so they are ignored. Pingyuan Lu Youren was fond of discussing books. When he saw this post in his seat, he said that Duke Yang Han had come to see him. Ke Jiusi, a doctor of calligraphy from Kuizhangge Academy, met in Deng's study room.
Remarks: Formerly collected by Liang Qingbiao. Liang Qingbiao: (1620-1691) a great collector in the early Qing Dynasty. The courtesy name is Yuli, and the names are Tangcun, Jiaolin, Jiaolin Jushi, Cangyan, Cangyanzi, Yexi Yuyin, etc. A native of Zhengding, Hebei Province. Hanlin in the 16th year of Chongzhen in the Ming Dynasty (1643). In the 23rd year of Kangxi's reign (1684), he was promoted to a bachelor of Baohe Palace, and in the 27th year of Kangxi's reign (1688), he became a prime minister. The handwriting is elegant and graceful in regular regular script. The collection of ancient books and paintings is the best in the world. The copy is engraved with "Qiubitang Dharma Calligraphy" and he is the author of "Jiaolin Poetry Collection".
This work was originally collected by Xie Zhiliu and Chen Peiqiu.