Wang Xizhi's "Twelve Chapters on Writing Style" and Preface

I tell you, Zijing: I have noticed that your writing skills are extraordinary, and you still do not follow the rules. It has been a tradition since ancient times that the father did not teach himself. Now I will describe one chapter of "The Theory of Writing Style" to enlighten you. There are still twelve chapters in Fansi's character style. Each chapter has its reference and its model. How can it be detailed? It's ridiculous, but it's important to summarize it and it's cheap to record it. There may be many variations, and it is difficult to get to the original; there may be many variations, and it is difficult to recognize the origin. The traces of hanging needles and dangling dew are difficult for the system; the momentum of making waves is enough to be charming. Therefore, identifying the cause can help cure the terminal illness. This book, "Le Yi Lun" and "Bi Shi Lun", are here to be kept for you and do not spread outside. They are kept secret and cannot be revealed to friends. If you study the seal script diligently, you can achieve it easily with little effort. If you compile it with precision and expertise, its shape and potential will be obvious. A scholar with a clear mind can see his merits in two months; a person without spirituality will know his roots in a hundred days. This writing and theory can be said to be a family treasure, learned and kept secret, and has a reputation in the world. I have been sharpening my pen for a long time, and with rare exceptions, I have finally succeeded in mastering it. I have studied it carefully, studied various rules, and saved its outline to formulate this theory. When I was first born, my classmate Zhang Boying wanted to meet him, but I lost my deceitful cloud. It was because I was so secretive that I refused to pass it on.

Chapter 1 of Chuanglin

    If the husband is low, the formation is also, the author's sword? Also, ink is the armor of soldiers, water research is the city, skill is the general, mind is the deputy general, structure is the strategy,? The author's good and bad fortunes are also related to those who enter and give orders. Inflection means killing, dot painting means uprightness, Ge Zhi means chopping, indulgence means quickness, the author harmonizes, and cornering means frowning. When starting to write, do not use the full form. One time is to straighten the hands and feet, the second time is to get less form, the third time is slightly like the original, the fourth time is to add smoothness, and the fifth time is to add both extraction and extraction. If it is raw and astringent, it cannot be rested, it has two or three lines, and it must be smooth and healthy before it is hit, so it is not possible to count the number of times.

Chapter 2 of Enlightenment

    If you want to learn the method of calligraphy, you should first grind the ink dryly, concentrate on it, and imagine the size of the characters, the shape of the characters, the shape of the characters, the straightness and vibration, then the muscles and veins will be connected, and the intention will be in front of the pen, and then write the characters. If it is straight and similar, shaped like an operator, with the top and bottom straight, and the front and back even, this is not a book, but it has its stippling. Yi of the former Song Dynasty (who was a disciple of Zhong Yao). After trying to write this book, Yao scolded him, so he didn't dare to see Yao for three years, so he devoted himself to correcting it. Every time a wave is made, there are often three folds; every time a stroke is made, the front is often hidden; every horizontal stroke is like a row of clouds in an array; every strike is like a hundred jun crossbows; every point is made , like a falling stone from a dangerous peak; □□□□, bent like a steel hook; every pull made, like a long-lived withered vine; every indulgence made, like the suddenness of a footstep, falling like a startled snake through the water, stirring up the waves of Chu. Written. It's like a dragon's meandering, which is said to be wonderful; if it's like a luan and a phoenix, it's said to be brave. The movements are like thunder and lightning. This is the secret of flying in the air. It floats and sinks in an instant, capturing the sonorous and inspiring thoughts. It can make people who are in a coma gradually feel satisfied; people who are knowledgeable can become obviously cheerful.

Visual Chapter 3

    Looking at the body, the changes are still the same, looking at the appearance according to the situation, the high and low are interesting. Divide the stipples evenly, match the distance and the near; broadcast and refine, and harmonize the brush and ink. The front fibers are coming and going, dense and dense, the iron points are silver hooks, and the squares and circles are neat. When I start writing, I ponder and ponder, and explain the reasons, which will be passed down to the present and the ancients forever. A wise man is proud of himself and benefits the world, and his heart is deeply infiltrated; a fool does not wait for a good talk, like a brocade in the dark dust. Those who are born knowing become angry; those who learn and understand forget their meals. This is the best among the best, the new among the new. Jin Shu Jin Zi, ability comes first, safety is the main concern, and stability is the first priority. The partitions are white, and the top and bottom are flush, and the structure is uniform, especially the size. Large characters value small characters, and small characters value width. Naturally, width and narrowness can be used without losing their appropriateness. When it is horizontal, it is upright, like a lonely boat crossing the river; when it is vertical, it is straight, like spring bamboo shoots in a cold valley.

Say something Chapter 4

    The spots are all like the channel of a big stone, or like a crouching owl, or like a bucket, or like a melon petal, or like a chestnut, with the mouth like an owl's mouth, and the tip is like rat excrement. Like this, everyone has his own way, but if he gets a little or a lot, the scholar will be enlightened.

Chapter Five of Chu Ge

    The way the husband cuts the sword, the pole falls high and high, like a loose pine tree leaning against a stream valley, as if it is about to fall, and it is also like a hundred-jun crossbow at the beginning. Given his aggressive intentions, it’s hard to come up with wonderful ideas. It is released like a bow and an arrow, and closed like a tiger fighting and a leaping dragon. It is straight like a strong pine tree near the valley, and curved like a hanging hook fishing for water. Ling? It was cut in Yunhan and fell on the cliff. The sky gate rises and the earth and the households jump, the four seas are quiet but the five mountains are sealed; the jade candles are bright but the sun and the moon are obscured, the embroidery colors are chaotic and the brocade patterns are turned over.

Robust Chapter Six

    The husband uses the method of bending his feet, bending like a horned bow, [bird], [yan], [wei], [crow] and the like. The way to establish a person is like a bird on the head of a pillar, [彳], [任], and the like. The method of the wrists and feet is like a strong man bending his arms, and the examples of [Feng], [Fei], [Fan], and [Qi] are the same. Urgent pulling and pulling is like lightning in the clouds. This is the example of [sun], [moon], [eye], and [cause]. The wrists and feet push up and down? The transition from beginning to end, all order and rhyme, don't make a wasp's waist and a crane's knees. It is better to conserve your energy when indulgence, and take advantage of the momentum by looking at the pen. The outline falls during the movement, like a warrior stretching out his hook, just facing the enemy, unicorns fighting horns, tigers gathering dragon's teeth, muscles and joints holding fists, brave body and strong body. If the method is used like this, the calligraphy progress will have merit. The traction is profound and wonderful, bright in the present, activating the spirit, raising the will, picking and thinking, the secret cannot be passed on. The husband folds the corner on the right side, quickly pulls it down and opens it slightly, and bends the left side, so that it can be taken up and faced, so as not to hurt the waist slowly. Look at the pen to take the momentum, go straight down, the interesting meaning is always there, and everyone is awakened.

Enlightenment Chapter 7

    The drawing method of any character should not be reversed to the left or right side. The right side should be thicker than the left side. The horizontal side should be thinner and the vertical side should be thicker. The partitions are white, and the distance should be balanced, so that the top and bottom can be accommodated, and it will be naturally stable. When it is necessary to cover up each other, the shape and the edge of the teeth should not be exposed. Wherever the brush is turned, it should be observed and used.

Observation of Forms Chapter 8


















(6) Interest pen
The person who stops writing is forced to drive away, and the trend of stopping is upward, which is long and tight.
Xi has the meaning of rest and stop: it means that at the end of the stroke, you must first pause the stroke, and then quickly lift it upward: such as the last horizontal stroke of left and to.

(7) frowning
When the writer is frowning, he is raising his eyebrows, and when he is about to draw the line, it is said that all his faults are exhausted. He writes slowly to get what he wants, and it should not be long or short.
"Wrinkle" has the meaning of shortness, and will also mean maintenance: it means that the corner should be written in a short time, do not try your best to write it all, and write slowly when writing the corner.

Wang Xizhi almost always writes the characters prefixed with human characters with a frown.
(8) War pen
The author of Zhan means He, Zhan, Zhen, He, Ye, and Sui should not be long or short.
Zhanbi means trembling strokes, like a long snake formation, which are coordinated with other strokes: the strokes are done slowly, not too long or too short. For example, the left vertical character of "Quhe" is vertical, and the right vertical character of "Song" characters is vertical.

(9) stable pen
The author or the machine may cause the injury to increase. Jue, the one who calls it beautiful: seeing the situation as an opportunity is the most wonderful thing about making things happen.
The stable brush has the meaning of reverse stroke, and the brush is drawn upward quickly and not too long: using the stable brush means that the painting is beautiful. Making it the most crucial stroke of this painting. If and the word abbreviation
The last stroke of "Yang" is the last stroke of "Yangzi Youjian".

(10) Bring a pen
Bring the pen to the end, do not take credit for fine strokes, the belt is turned around and walked in to dress the body, the words are fresh and clean, and the momentum of writing has its weight. He wrote it all and drew it out again and again.
With the pen is the connection of strokes. For example, the character "矣" with one horizontal line and two horizontal lines are connected together.

(11) Turn over the pen
The author Xianran said that the gesture of turning the pen is urgent and fast, and it is not suitable for those with long waist and short neck.
Fanbi is used in front, urgent and fast, and cannot be written with long waist and short items. The two vertical heads of the word "Lin" are used to turn the pen.

(12) Stacked pens
The time when the writer is stacked is bad, and the slowness should not be long.
When the strokes are stacked, they cannot be written in a strong manner. Instead, they should be written in a slow and thin manner, and the strokes should not be too long. It means to accumulate weakness or strength. For example, the character long has three horizontal lines and the character set has four horizontal lines.

(13) Start writing
When raising the pen, do not lower it. Lift it in the abdomen, do not expose the pen, and take the momentum from start to stop so as not to lose control.
The strokes should be started from different downward strokes, starting from the middle of the stroke and moving up. Do not expose the tip of the stroke, and consider the structure of the beginning and end. Such as the two short horizontal lines of the word "tuo".

(14) Writing
The author thinks of broadness, but narrows the scope of the matter. Broadness means fast and healthy, but it is not advisable to make repairs later.
When writing, start writing quickly and perpendicular to the direction of the stroke, and then make the stroke slightly thinner. Don't be slow and don't make repairs. Such as the vertical head of Shaozi, the middle vertical head of Changzi Shen