Mi Fu's "My Friend's Tie" (the fourth of nine cursive scripts), cursive script on paper
25.2 cm in height and 39 cm in width. Collection of Osaka Municipal Museum of Art, Japan.

[Explanation] Why don’t my friends change to cursive style? It reminds me of the ancients. It seems that his body is from ancient times, but he is less like Cai Junmo! There is nothing I can do, just use some ideas. If you get "Qian Wen" in the New Year, you will definitely be able to grow up. If you love it, you will be biased, and you will be better than the two kings. There is no authentic work by Suo Jing, so look at where he wrote. "Yueyi" is not good, for fear that others will do it, it is only from the Tang Dynasty, and does not have the ancient style of the Jin Dynasty.