Mi Fu's "Su Taijian's Participation in Political Affairs", paper, running script, 19.6×6.8 cm, collected by Shanghai Museum

  This "Political Participation Note" is a record of the author's appraisal of the calligraphy and painting of Su Taijian, a political strategist. Although it only has three lines, it is very precise and compact. The brushwork is restrained and tends to be fat. The turning points are replaced by loose round brushwork. The square folded pen, written in essays, has a calm and flying charm, and its charm is quite worthy of the writing charm of the two kings. This post and "Tiaoxi Poetry Post" are both representative works of mature calligraphy style in middle age.

Su Taijian participated in political affairs and wrote many works
The four generations after Pi Gong were printed with each other, or they used
Seal of Hanlin Academy. Fu Ji.