Mi Fu's "Xiangluan Tie", also known as "Hanguang Tie", is on light yellow paper. Cursive writing. 27.3 cm in length and 30.3 cm in width
Collection of the Palace Museum, Beijing.

  "Xiang Luan Tie" was written before he was forty-one years old. Dong Qichang of the Ming Dynasty wrote in the postscript of this post: "This ruler of Lao Mi seems to have been made by Cai Tianqi, and the wonderful shape of the pen and ink can be seen here." The calligraphy of this calligraphy is slightly different from the common rice character. When writing, the strokes are as thin as silk hair, round and strong, and the center of the strokes is straight down, calm and not sluggish; the knots are shaped according to the situation, and the ribbons between the lines are continuous and familiar. It's not vulgar, dangerous but not weird, it's natural and natural.

Xiang Luandao
Chen Shiqiu can get rent and rice.
Pay tribute to evil poems every night in the cold light
Accept. Flowers are blooming
That’s it. Xiuzhongji has arrived. Fu paused.