The full volume is 31.3×559.8cm. It was originally collected by John Crawford of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, USA, and is now donated to the Meadow Paul Tan Museum of Art. There are not many surviving works of Mi Fu's running script, and his poems in Wujiang Zhouzhong are the most famous. This post was written by Zhu Bangyan while on a boat in Wujiang. It is a five-character ancient poem with forty-four lines. It was a masterpiece written by Mi Fu in his later years. It has the joyful and vivid calligraphy style of middle-aged people and the sophisticated ancient style in his later years. Calmly, with a dry pen and sparse lines, and with a casual attitude.

  This piece of ink was originally in the palace of the Qing Dynasty, but was later lost. According to the biography of Mi Fu attached to the photocopy of "The Authentic Works of Wujiang Zhou Poetry in the Minangong Book" inscribed by Ye Gongchuo, the story of its circulation is as follows: The post was originally kept in the official palace of the Qing Dynasty. It appeared in a Shenyang bookstore after the war of resistance against Japan and was acquired by a certain public official. Later, it was resold to JOHNM.CRAWFO RD, a great collector in New York. Mr. Zhang Wenkui from Hong Kong paid a lot of money to buy this calligraphy by Mi (the seal of "Zhang Wenkui" can be seen on the calligraphy) and considers it to be genuine. However, it finally returned to the American collector Gu Luofu.

(Paper 1)
  "Seal of Jin Mansion's Calligraphy and Painting", "Shiqu Baoji", "Third Edition of Baoji" and "Qinghe"
  "Zhang's Lu Zhenzang" "Si Yin" (half seal)
  "Gu Luofu" white text "Hanguang Pavilion" Zhu text (engraved by Jiang Zhaoshen)
Yesterday the Wind Rises from the West "The Treasure of Jiaqing Imperial Palace"
Ten thousand ships in the north and north are all "seals of Jin Dynasty calligraphy and painting"
Take advantage of it. now
The Wind Turns "The Treasure of Xuantong's Imperial View"
Dong, my boat (Paper 2)
Fifteen fibers.
Too tired to update
hired husband, hundred
Jin Shang thinks it's cheap.
Angry mane at the boat job (Paper 3)
Yu, Husband sits and watches
And complain. add
Hua Yifu
Yellow gum raw mouth (Paper 4)
pharynx. river mud
Sticky bottom update
Do not turn. Add gold
Work is not angry, meaning (Paper 5)
Full of resentment also dissipates.
A flicker like the wind
car, call
Tao Rulin
war. (Paper 6)
Pang Guanyu
Douhu, Miao
shore. One drop (Paper 7)
Not to be drained,
Kuang Bixi
Everything (Paper 8)
Must take advantage of time,
He night.
 Zhu Bang (Paper 9)
 Yan Zi
 Jiang Zhou (Paper 10) "Jin Guokui Zhang"
 Chinese work,
 Mi Yuan "Jiaqing Appreciation"
 Chapter "Chapter of Hanguang Pavilion patron Luo Fu appraising ancient Chinese calligraphy and painting" Zhu Wen (engraved by Wang Zhuang)
(Seam seal across water) "Jing De Tang Zhang", "Zhang Wenkui", "Lu Jian Zang", "Qian Kun Qing Wan"
(Part 1 of Sun Kuang's postscript) "Wen Rong", "Sun Kuang's Seal", "You Xin Tai Xuan", "Zhang's Lu Zhen Zang"
  "Sanxitang Jingjian Seal", "Yi Zisun", "Xuantong Appreciation" and "Wuyi Zai Jingjian Seal"