Explanation: Yanshan Ming. Five-color water, floating Kunlun. The pool is at the top, and black clouds appear. Hanging dragon monster, flashing electric marks. Xia Zhenting, Ze Houkun. Extreme changes, closed doors. Baojin Shanqianxuan Book.

  Mi Fu's "Yanshan Tie", written in running script. It is recorded in the "First Collection of Authentic Works Catalog" and "Qinghe Painting and Calligraphy List" by Zhang Chou in the Ming Dynasty and "Wu Family Calligraphy and Painting Notes" by Wu Qizhen in the Qing Dynasty. It is estimated that the works were created between 1101 and 1102. The works are vigorous and free-flowing. It is one of Mi Fu's masterpieces in his later years. According to expert research, the work was stored in the imperial palace of the Song Dynasty in the early years, and has been collected by civil literati since then. In the 1920s, it was acquired by a Japanese museum and moved east to Fuso.
  "Yanshan Inscription" has a total of 39 words. The calligraphy and painting appraisal expert of the National Cultural Relics Appraisal Committee commented on this post: "The writing is free and horizontal, full of ups and downs, and is not restricted by the rules of the past. It expresses one's temperament and natural interest. His large calligraphy and ink writing should be recommended as top grade. "It is precisely because of this that this calligraphy treasure attracted the attention of many calligraphers, painters and collectors as soon as it appeared, and they are eager to have it returned to the motherland."
  After receiving this information, the State Administration of Cultural Heritage organized the National Cultural Relics Appraisal Committee and relevant experts to conduct an appraisal and evaluation of the work in accordance with the law. The experts unanimously believed that it was indeed an authentic work of Mi Fu and had extremely high artistic and historical value. They should do their best to avoid it happening again. Diaspora abroad. Accordingly, with approval, the State Administration of Cultural Heritage used special funds to bid for the "Yanshan Inscription" through a directional auction in accordance with the law.