Mi Fu's "Yuanri Tie" on paper, 25.2 cm in length and 40.5 cm in width, collected by the Osaka Municipal Museum of Art, Japan

[Explanation]: Burning incense at the bright window on the first day of the lunar month, facing my friend from the northwest, we can know that he will always cherish his heart. When I read "Wenhuang's Order", I can't read it as well as other books. I couldn't write several copies in advance, but those who believe in the truth are in front, and their arrogance is intimidating. When you have time to compose music, just laugh out loud. Don't attract bad words in the new year, that's good. What else can you get? There is no book in the east of Si Rong, so I'll wait for it.

This book was written in the second year of Yuanfu (1099). It is the third of the nine cursive scripts. "Yuan Ri Tie" written by Du Mu of the Ming Dynasty says: "Weng's scroll found its way into the Secret Mansion of Shaoxing. Later, it was inscribed by his son Yuan Hui, which is the most famous book in Haiyue's life. Among them, there is a poem about climbing the Dai Tower in Haiyue, with a small note. It says: 'Write it three or four times, with one or two good words in between. It is also difficult to write a letter.' Fu Haiyue's book can be said to be among the people of Jin Dynasty."