Mi Youren "Pictures and Inscriptions on the Wonders of Xiaoxiang" (Part) Paper 21.7×111cm Collection of the Palace Museum, Beijing

  "Picture of Wonders of Xiaoxiang" is a representative work of the ink painting of clouds and mountains painted by Mi Youren. There is an inscription and postscript behind the picture. According to his own words, the calligraphy was written with a Yanghao pen, and the calligraphy was rich and vigorous. Among the ancient calligraphy works before the Song Dynasty, it is relatively rare to use a soft pen to write works with calm strokes and rich changes, which can indeed show the artistic attainments of the calligrapher.

  There are inscriptions at the end of this volume by Xue Xi, Ge Yuanzhe and others, and it was collected by Gao Shiqi, Song Nao and others of the Qing Dynasty. "Coral Net Book and Postscript", "Shigutang Calligraphy and Painting Collection", "Daguan Lu", "Peiwenzhai Calligraphy and Painting Book" and other books are recorded:

Explanation: The late father lived in Zhenjiang for forty years. The Tian'an was built on the east slope of the city and was named after Haiyue. At that time, all the state officials could not write poems. Jinglu (bottom) Kan Chi County Binchanwu Tiaowan Dongxi Tiaowan Tianchi resides in the abdomen (10,000) curled chest drooping nonsense □River cuts through the nine canals and lifts beard to see off □Eight Districts want to call Yu Shun □Cangwu Yun Yun Yu can't remember In Yejuan, the mountains seen on the nunnery are mostly mountains. The wonders of the mountains are transformed into thousands of layers. In the morning, sunny, dim and rainy, the world has rarely known the wonders of Xiaoxiang. For the rest of my life, I have been familiar with the wonders of Xiaoxiang. Every time I go to the mountain, I often rewrite their true meanings. The volume is handed over to the envoy for the pleasure of the eyes. For this reason, how can I please other characters (people) because the ink on this paper cannot (hand) (hand) the pen Zhongmou is diligent and (cannot) refuse, so it is a play Shaoxing □ Meng Chun Jiankang □ Guanshe Youren The inscription is difficult to write on sheep's hair (such as) using this paper to draw ears.