Mi Fu's "Preface and Postscript to Chu Suiliang's Copying of Orchid Pavilion", paper, 24 x 47.5cm, collected by the Palace Museum, Beijing.


  Youmi, whose surname is Miwan, ranks first in Dharma books in the world. After Tang Taizong obtained this book, he ordered Feng Chengsu, Han Daozheng, Zhao Mo, Zhuge Zhen and others to copy it and give it to the princes. During Chu Suiliang's reign, he was a living minister and only inspected the school. This axis is in the Su family, and its name is Chu Yi. It's easy to correct wrong numbers by observing the meaning. It's really Chu's pen, and the writing is straight. The rest are all double hooks, clean and delicate, with full twists and turns. They are no different from the real ones and cannot be reached by those who are not knowledgeable about calligraphy.
  What the world gathers, whether fat or thin, is the work of workers, and it is based on this.
  Shining guest star, how can Jin get it? The scroll is made of spring stone, and the flowing calligraphy is flowing. Talk about bids while playing, and write books in horse style (Rong). In the lush Zhaoling Mausoleum, the jade bowl has come out. Rong Wen is without distinction, who treasures the real thing? How special is the water and the moon? The ambition is one. The embroidered scrolls are made of gold, and the Yao machine is soft and graceful. Yi Yuan Zhang, guard it and don’t lose it.
  Yuanyou Wuchen obtained this book. In June of Renwu in Chongning, a pavilion boat on the Jichuan River pairs with purple gold summer handbags. Mifu.

  This is the postscript of "Chu Suiliang's Copy of Orchid Pavilion Preface" collected by the Palace Museum in Beijing and written by Lu Jishan of the Yuan Dynasty (old version inscribed by Ming Dynasty and collected by Chen Jian). The verses of this postscript are similar to those contained in Mi Fu's "History of Books".
  Regarding the facsimile of "Chu Suiliang's Preface to Lanting", Ming Wenjia, Wang Shizhen and others said that this copy was made during the Chenghua period by copying an ancient model from the collection of Chen Jian (named Jixi) and then copying it with Mi Fu's postscript. Completed, the original appearance has been basically preserved. Later generations also mistakenly determined that this version was forged by Chen Jian based on Wen Jia and Wang Shizhen's comments on Chen Jian. Later research revealed that this copy was actually made by Lu Jishan in the Yuan Dynasty. Lu Jishan once copied the "Lanting Preface" collected by his brother. There are five kinds of copies handed down from generation to generation, and this is one of them.