Mi Youren's "Moving, Stopping, and Holding Blessings" paper, 33.1×59.6cm, collected by the Palace Museum, Beijing

  "Dong Zhi Zhi Bing Tie" is also called "Zhi Xing Tie". It has fifteen lines of running script and is mounted on a coir raincoat. Because the sutras are cut and there may be missing characters, the text is not very smooth. After the post, there was a postscript by He Qianguang from the Yuan Dynasty, saying that "dragons and snakes are flying at the bottom of the pen, and even though the handsome man's face and bones are not as strong as his own." Although it is a compliment, it really misses the point. It is not as good as "Shu" "Shi Huiyao" commented: "When making an oblique crossbow, every word becomes a horizontal thrust." The brushwork is quite similar to his father's, focusing on the formation of postures to build momentum, using danger to gain relief, and thrusting sideways to create posture. But it also has its own characteristics. Compared with the calm and joyful way that the pen of the old Mi book presses the pen on the paper and the pen leaves the paper, the Xiaomi book does not have such sharp strokes, but the strokes are soft and the structure is convergent, which seems a bit urgent and cramped.
  Appraisal and collection seals: "Seal of Guo's Secret Play" (Zhu Wen), "Approved Authentic Work" (Zhu Wen) of the Yuan Dynasty, "Seal of Sun Qi", "Han Mo Lin Calligraphy and Painting Seal" (Zhu Wen) of the Ming Dynasty, etc.
  Records from past dynasties: "Research on Shigutang Calligraphy and Painting" and "Daguanlu".

Emperor Youren was afraid that he would bow his head again.
Bachelor Zongcheng sits on the right. Today Fuwei
restraint, restraint, order and change,
Movement and stillness maintain blessings, and the depth of love is unparalleled. since
Even after a hundred days of sealing the tomb,
Righteousness dare not send people
Asked above. Sudden acceptance
I've been to Zhangluo Zhicang and I'll send you back.
The condition of the hand will be reviewed immediately. Far out in the countryside. Youren
If you don’t talk about human affairs, there is no way to achieve it.
Brother Fuzhi was just thinking deeply. I sincerely offer my hand to you
complex. Not announced. Emperor Youren was afraid that he would bow his head and pay homage again.
Bachelor Zongcheng sits on the right