Notes from a long journey

Long-distance travel post, paper, 31.1cm vertical, 39cm wide, running script, 11 lines, 90 characters, pink flower paper. One of the "Two Letters" collected by the Palace Museum in Beijing

Yuanxing Tie is also called Xiu Da Tie, with the following explanation:
  "Zhong Yan paid his respects again and sent four bachelor's brothers to him. He taught me twice, but he didn't reply early, so he still held the same position. Wu's relatives and doctors passed by, but they were not treated well, so I begged for more thanks. My brother traveled far away, and his love for him grew even more. Kind love, to comfort poor friends. Five bottles of Su brewing, Taoist medicine. Five vessels of Jinshan salt and black soybean. There is no other good thing. I hope I will not blame you. I will not announce it. Zhong Yan worships again, in front of the fourth brother of the Xiangshan bachelor. August 5th. "
  The calligraphy of these two pieces of calligraphy is thin, hard and square, with clear energy and legality. People often use this style of writing to describe his character, saying that "the official letter is solemn and clear, and the letter is as trustworthy as its character."
  This work was delivered to the Imperial Household Collection of Qianlong, Jiaqing and Xuantong Emperors of the Qing Dynasty. It was recorded in Ruan Yuan's "Shiqu Essays" and Neifu's "Shiqu Baoji·Sequel" in the Qing Dynasty.