At the end of the volume, he realizes: "Fan Xiwen's Yueyang Chronicles are still regarded as legends by the Song Dynasty people. His writings are like Dongpo's Drunk Baitang Chronicles, and they are as similar as Han Bai's Lun Er. Such is the importance of an essayist. If Xiwen worries about it first, he is worthy of his promise. That's it. Fan Gong actually recommended Yin Shilu Kaizhi for ancient writing in the Song Dynasty. He also said that Gong's calligraphy was incomparable to "Le Yi Lun". Although the writing and calligraphy were not based on the emphasis on Gong, Gong could not be called a famous scholar in this way. Jiyou July Twenty-seventh day. Dong Qichang." Seal "Dong Xuanzai". The collection seals are "Wang Shimin's Seal" and "Yanke Zhenshou".

   This volume is the famous work "Yueyang Tower" by Fan Zhongyan of the Northern Song Dynasty. It was written in the 37th year of Wanli in the Ming Dynasty (1609) when Dong Qichang was 55 years old. He wrote it when he was out of work for the first four months to supplement the Fujian deputy envoy. The writing style of this calligraphy gradually evolved from Li Beihai to Minangong. The characters are as big as fists, smooth and vigorous, and hundreds of characters are written in one go, showing profound skills. It is an exquisite product of Dong's running calligraphy.

   In the late Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty, the feud between factions and factions in the imperial court intensified. Dong Qichang was disgusted by this, so he wrote this article to convey his meaning.

   It is known from the collection seal that this scroll was collected by Wang Shimin, the head of the "Six Great Masters of the Early Qing Dynasty".