Ten Scrolls of Running Script, Paper 25.8×57.3cm, Collection of Shanghai Museum 

  Zhao Mengfu was the well-deserved leader of the calligraphy world in Yuan Dynasty. Zhao Mengfu's "Run Script Ten Volumes" is a combined volume of ten letters and chidots, including nine letters from Zhao Mengfu to his friend Shi Minzhan, and one letter to Gao Renqing. Shi Minzhan, named Fenting, was born in Jiangsu, good at calligraphy and painting, and was once an official in Jiujiang and other places. He became friends with Zhao Mengfu in his early years, and later got married. Renqing is Gao Fuli, a native of Henan, the Minister of the Ministry of Officers and Soldiers, and a relative of Shi Minzhan. Therefore, Zhao Mengfu, Shi Minzhan, and Gao Fuli are not only friends but also family, and the relationship is very close. The ten books were originally collected by Shi Minzhan, who presented them to his friend Dai when he was dying; in the Ming Dynasty, Zhang Wei bought them from the Dai family, and the Zhang family passed them on for five generations; after the Qing Dynasty, the scrolls were acquired by Wang Hongxu, the son of Wang Hongxu It was also dedicated to Emperor Qianlong. Because there were many traces of Zhao stored in the inner government, the volume was returned to the Wang family in the 16th year of Qianlong. Later, it was collected by Pan Yanling, Luo Tianchi, Pei Jingfu, Wu Yuanhui and others. The entire volume is 5,315 mm in width, and there are many inscriptions and postscripts at the end of the volume, which are now in the Shanghai Museum. Regarding the time when the ten letters were written, some experts believe that Zhao was written when he was forty-six to fifty-six years old, and some experts think that he was written when he was forty-two to forty-six years old. Although these experts have different opinions, they all believe that the ten letters were written by Zhao Shishengnian. 

  These ten books are correspondence between relatives and friends about family matters, and the letters are written casually, which naturally reveals the author's temperament, interest and skill cultivation. The truth in the scrolls comes out of the grass, and the reflections are even and beautiful. Compared with formal books, the fonts are more circumflex and oddly upright, overflowing with gentle and clear aesthetic connotations. The brushwork is gentle and even, beautiful and colorful, showing the unique artistic style of the calligrapher's first round, second smooth, and third ripeness.


  (Letter 1) After recording the matter, I paid homage to Minzhan Zaigong, my benevolent brother, and Meng Fu sincerely sealed it. Meng Fu bowed his head and paid homage to Minzhan Zaigong, his benevolent brother, and then passed Wu again and again. Why don't you see it? Meng Fu stayed here. Did not get to Hangzhou. I think it's settled. Yesterday promised Xu Huibizhan. So far no thanks. How can I be treated. It's because Renqing came. Hastily figured out questions. Arrive in Hangzhou day and night. There is also the convenience of teaching. Not suitable. Meng Fu paused and bowed again. December twenty-seventh. 

  (Book 2) Meng Fufang sits stuffy in the rain. Suddenly got the word Hui. But (want) to know that it is Yu Xiaoliu. Same thing. Commitment to painting plum blossoms and Guanyin statues; just as I came here. The title is on top of the number. But use offerings. Hope to enter. The line is full. Dare not submit. Passionate about paper. Unannounced. Meng Fu bowed again. Min Zhanzai's younger brother served Shi. 

  (Zha 3) Meng Fu pays homage to Minzhan Zaigong's younger brother again. Yu can't think of anything else. Can we talk about it for half a day? Don't be a benevolent younger brother Jane. Same boxing. Unannounced. Meng Fu bowed again. seventeenth. Renqing is willing to go through this. When sending horses to go also. 

  (Zap 4) Meng Fu pays homage to Min Zhan Zaigong Rendi again. Meng Fu went to the city in January last year. Zhiyi returned to Zhenjiang after he was full. After that, I didn't ask about the movement. I want to send a book to honor you. There is nothing to send. Only stand up. An Sheng in the body of Fuji in the New Year. The family series is good. Meng Fu only stayed in Deqing Mountain. He stays with Songzhu all day long. There is no intention of being arrogant again. Ruo Minzhan came to Hangzhou. Can take half a day off. Then you can come to Xiaozhai for a visit. Xu Huibizhan to Meng. Why haven't you practiced your words yet? Because it will be written in haste. The humble woman Fu Cheng's aunt opened her eyes. Unannounced. man day. Meng Fu bowed again. 

  (Zhu 5) Meng Fu and his younger brother, a scholar of Renqing, sit on the right. I heard that Xi Cong went to Tongchuan. We are very close to each other. Why not pass me by. I really hate it, but I want to move my shoes better than usual. I heard that my brother has an emerald stone. Be so loved. Can you give it to see if it is beneficial. Otherwise, it will be paid back at a price. I am so lucky. Because of the height of the season, it will be grass-shaped. Failed and others. Unannounced. September twenty-fifth. Meng Fu bowed again. 

  (Zap 6) Pause your head and pay homage to Your Excellency Min Zhan Zaigong. Meng Fu sincerely seals it. Meng Fu paused and paid homage to Min Zhanzaigong's younger brother. Appropriate to visit. Come back without meeting. I am in vain to teach. Emphasis on cheap life. Special glutinous rice. I dare not say goodbye. And afraid of offending. Strong Yan is annoying. I am ashamed. Respond hastily. Thank you Shangtu. Unannounced. Meng Fu paused and bowed again. 

  (Zap 7) The recorder pauses to return to the people and Zhan Zaigong's younger brother. On July 27, Zhao Mengfu, who lived in Hangzhou, was sealed. Meng Fu paused and paid homage to Min Zhanzaigong's younger brother. It's been a long time since Meng Fu bowed. Admire affectionately. People arrive. Get a book of benefits. On the day of the trial, Yahou is better than usual. No words of consolation. Chengyu Lingdi's documents are complete. Pay for delivery. Outer Mongolia sends green light. Don't dare to worship. And pay people. Return to Bi and beg for instructions. Zhuzi would like to only take it. grateful grateful. Hastily answered. With this regards. Make relatives and friends want to be well. Unannounced. July 6th. Meng Fu remembers and worships again. 

  (Zha 8) Meng Fudun bowed his head and paid homage to Minzhan Zaigong and his benevolent brother. Meng Fu has lived in Deqing since he was last year. Build three huts. Stranders March. Return to Wuxing on the eleventh. Wen Qiqi has returned to Jingkou. On the thirteenth, Qian Lingshi came. Get a book of benefits. The details of the review. Very consoling. It is several months apart. It can be seen at a glance. Unexpectedly. Thirst bosom. It's hard to write in the wind. Or from Hangzhou. Don't miss Turtle Creek. Attached here is my respect for your relatives. Wen Xieyan has seen it. This means a lot. When will you come back. Think about it for comfort. Because of the money, the history was returned to Tongchuan. For this attachment, I will ask you. hastily. Unannounced. Meng Fu bowed again. 

  (Za 9) Meng Fu Zaimin Zhan Zai Gongdi's step. Don't be overwhelmed (for too long). Near Jingkou customers come to benefit from the book. Just examine the abdomen (shoes) and wait for Qingjia. On the dark day of August, I imported books again. Especially comforting. Unworthy comes from Xiaqiu. Yang hair on the temples. The pain is unspeakable. Today is more than fifty days. But the creation has not yet been created. Gai was dying but survived. If you want the people to see and hear it, you must also import it. Promise to show with ink bamboo. Great fun. There are several words in the book. Damaged scroll. Knowing the crime. I don't know if the people will see it or not. Send benefits agarwood. Agarwood rings the neckline and feels the mouth. Nothing was reported. Not surprisingly. The old woman paid her respects to Mrs. Huzheng. cold near. Ask for venison. Never forget. Yu Ji cherishes reason as much as possible. Unannounced. today. Meng Fu bowed again. 

  (Zappa 10) It is a book to look up to others. It's always better to wait for the review. Deeply comforted. I don't want to borrow shelter from far away. Just as it was yesterday. Chengyuan sent venison to pick it up. To feel. But the family generation still thinks that there are few. Can resend without review. Pay to the circle of silk. Tathagata has been ordered. Write about Lanting's offering once in a while. Tried it. Take it for granted. Otherwise. Zizhi has books. Attached here is an envoy to reply it in writing. I wish to convey my thanks. Brother Renqing. Mrs. Tai in the hall is waiting for Ankang today. The humble woman asked the same question. Unannounced. The twenty-fourth day of the first lunar month. Meng Fu bowed again.